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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Saturday, April 1st 2006

Hey everyone. Its really late here and I just came from work so I'll do a quick update about whats going on.
The swallowings are less swallowed now, still the infection remains and also the pains but its not so strong and painfull as before, I can bare it pretty well. In about 27 days I have my wisdom teeth pulled off, I've heard its hell after, I'm a bit freaked with that.
[If it was so painfull now, imagine after I have them off?Urgh]

Botões remember when I told you, I wish I had graveyard shifts too? Heh guess what, my wishes came through, hehe.From today on I'll start working at night so I probably won't be on much, well even less than I've been lately heh.

I'll be neglecting myo/msn now, I'm so sorry about that, I'll try to come on during the day, which sucks cause during the day mostly everyone I chat in msn are sleeping by that time, boo. Oh well I still have my day off's, I'll try my best to get to each one of you at least one time per week, promise!

Argh gosh its so late, I should get to bed or tomorrow I'll be dead tired at work lol

Have a great day/night. <3

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