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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unfortenaly the swallowings and inffections on both mouth and throath increased and of course the pain as well, eating now is a very painfull challenge, after my useless try to eat solid food today [took a good one hour to eat a bowl of cereals] I am avoiding food at all cost, heh though I need to eat right?
I think I'll just eat soft meals for now.
Saddly this is also contaminating my mood, which tottaly sucks! I hate my new dentist she gave me painkillers that don't do anything only upset my stomach!With the ammount of pills I've taken my mouth should be quite numb right now, dammit. The weather is worse like rain, rain, wind, wind, rain, rain, you got the picture, gah seems everything is trying to get on my nerves now.*sigh* Blah I feel so pissed right now.
Heh sorry about this lame post I just needed to vent it out.

Have a great day/night though. <3

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