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Monday, March 27, 2006

So as I type this its 8 am in the morning, my very first time here updating this early, and I have no idea why I'm saying this....YAY?


Anyway how was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good, thank you. Saturday was really normal and ordinary-iish, woke up pretty late, didn't do practically nothing too XP, which is rare around here so it was good, we do although, had this big storm as I've told you previously, lots of rain, wind, thunderstorms, it wasn't very devastating but it did some damages, my house survived pretty well, which is a very good thing.

Sunday during the day was normal nothing much to say, but when night fell boy it was very fun, everyone gathered around the tv and we watched "Signs" with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix (ah for the first time I remember this guy's name, well practically because I associate his name to Phoenix XP), and boy wasn't it fun, we laughed so much while watching it. I know that movie isn't a comedy, but if you watched a movie with my family you definitely would laugh so much, heh we're big critics and we play around with serious things, like what would happen if we were attack by aliens, I could tell what was our answers but their really silly and most of them wouldn't make sense right now =P
And after the movie finished we were still there just chatting and playing around, its quite surprising since my mom goes to bed early and well usually me and my older brother are playing PS2 or here on the computer during Sunday nights so it was good to have a moment like that.
Oh!Funny thing me and my mom had a pillow wrestling! Haha that's right pillow wrestling, and gosh she beat me like a silly girl, she's so damn good with that, she chased me all over the house, I got a bit scared after awhile XD
And after my mom, dad and two of the youngest siblings went to bed, me and my older brother watched this show where they show people getting cirurgy, now mind you this is a program where they show everything, like organs getting out, lots of blood, sewing sessions, bones sticking out of the skin...yep pretty fun to watch....might be quite gore, gross or maybe revolting for weak stomachs, haha not ours though...


Good times, good times, I have such a funny and wierd family haha. Unfortenaly its over and a new week begun, boo for that yeah. Oh well, at least I had a good weekend so I'm more prepared for what will happen, heh like today my gums are all swallowed and so as my throat, I think both gums and throat are infected, so yeah pain increased a bit but I'm feeling to darn good to give a damn about that, beside I can bare the pain pretty well, so its alright.

So yeah thats my update for today.


Have a great week ahead. <3

Rabid Fangirl Pose

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