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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Aww, aren't you guys so sweet?*hugs*
You know if I didn't know you I would be worried knowing that so many people around the world would love to kidnap me haha, but since its not the case and I know you all very well it makes me all funny/special inside to know that, so thank you so much for kidnapping me everyone x)
Heh and it comes in a good time, since we're having this big storm coming towards us, darn those storms yet so amuzing to watch it hehe.
Also thanks for the compliments about my new theme, I appreciate it. <3

Well today I have some news for you although its only one, haha. I've been having this painfull swallowings in the back of my mouth heh I decided it would be better to check it out, so yesterday I went to the dentist, like I already knew all those swallowing and pains are being caused by my wisdom teeth, especially the left one, instead of growing up his in a 45 position and forcing its way towards my other tooth so heh yeah I have to pull it off and the others wisdom teeth as well, though she decided not to do it and do a clean up in all my teeth instead. She told me it would be better to leave the "pull out teeth" to next month exactly one day before my birthday heh, pretty ironic ne?
Well my mouth is yet pretty sensitive and sore and I can't eat or drink very cold or very hot things for a couple of weeks, so for awhile no hot green tea or ice cream for me [sorry boys] ah I don't know how can I live without those things though, heh at least I have a pretty white smille right now *smilles* see?


And oh the joys of chatting with my wonderfull loves, I had so much fun last thursday chatting along with my sweet Vicksta and heheh bugging Bishie too, haha. I hope I'll chit-chat with you lovable people again soon *snuggles*

So yeah...

Have a wonderfull weekend everyone.<33

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