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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hey everyone! I know I haven't updated for awhile (once again), sorry (once again) about that.
Anyway there's nothing much to talk about my daily life, heh it still been quite uneventfull and routine-ish as well, so nothing much to say about it, oh of course about my Saint Patrick day, hehe it was quite fun thanks to a lady, she was quite amuzing on that day hehehe, shame though I had log off after she came on again, oh well I still had fun so I thank her for that.
Hmmm well basically that's the only thing I have to say about whats happening on my corner of the world unless you want me to procrastinate about how sore I still feel XP, but don't worry I won't =P
Hmm...well what you think about the changes do you like it? It was suppose to show this near April since it was a surprise heh though we are two weeks away from it so it would mean two weeks you would be Shadow-deprived so thinking about how you would miss me, I changed today XP AND updated...hehe
I hope you like it because it gave me a hell of a work to figure it out and make it work, though I have to apologise to whom use Modzilla since this layout won't work very well for them, so sorry modzilla users!
Hmm yeah that's pretty much what I have to say, now you know I'm alive and wasn't kidnaped x) although I wouldn't mind someone kidnapping me, its been rainning everyday all day long, its so depressing =__=, so any volunteers? XP
Oh yeah before I forget today's [Beckles] birthday, she turn 18 today, so please go to her site. Happy Birthday sweetie!Hope you have a wonderfull day!*hugs*

And you guys as well.Enjoy the site and the soft music <3

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