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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Post date: Tuesday, March 14th 2006
Time: 03:20 pm

Wow, I haven't post for ages now, haven't I? Well maybe not ages just a few weeks heh, sorry about that. I've been around now and then, to know how you guys doing, sometimes I commented sometimes I didn't, because you know sometimes you just don't know what to say so its better not say anything at all, ne? =P
I've been online more at night lately, that's when I'm really able to get on, so I probably lost some updates heh, sorry for also haven't been very good with visiting/commenting either =P

Anyway on a personal note things are very uneventfull lately, the same old routine everyday, bleh. Don't get me wrong, I like routines but I wish I was doing something more exciting heh, [as I really thought I was going to do] oh yeah I perhaps did something off my usual routine, I went to the cinema this weekend, its been two years since I last put my foot in one so it was good to get back, I watched "Underworld - Evolution" not bad, not bad at all, the graphics and fights are really good, its not an amazing movie though but its quite enjoyable.
Meh for some reason my joints are hurting for a few days, I'm afraid I'm getting a cold or meh girly stuff you know x] or its due to my suddenly interest to get fit again XP, I've been working out at morning doing some runs at the beach since lately the weather as been quite nice around here, the first time I got back on running I had this little silly competition with this girl there, without knowing or maybe wanting we started to chase each other haha yeah, now even though we remain strangers we ran together she's very nice and very competitive too, boy she is fit dammit!I almost get out of breath everytime we run, got to beat her somehow XP
Well okay so maybe I don't have the same usual routine, just a few things are different still meh I wish I was doing something more exciting beside working out, work and my house duties ya know? =P Oh well maybe I figure something interesting to do, oh yeah before I forget I'm able to scan my drawings again, I still need to fix a few of them so perhaps in a few days some will be up here on Otaku, I let you know when their up.
[Edit(1): Oh and Travis you were up on the list, I think I messed up the code, so thats why you were invisible but you were there and of course I wouldn't forget about you silly.
Edit(2): Sheesh I keep forgetting things, anyway Petie a few days ago introduce himself on ThaT, its quite an interesting read, if you want to check it out, just click [here] ((you also can read my introduction since I just submitted XP)) ].
Have a wonderfull day!*hugs*
-Shadow out...

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