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Monday, February 16, 2004

   A day to forget!
Sometimes i think it better not get up of bed! This day were simply a day to forget!I really donīt have a little of lucky this days, and have a Bad, really Bad day! You donīt believe it? just sit and see what hapened:
Like usual iīm late for school, i get up and take a quick bath, while i was getting out of the shower, i forgot that the bloody floor of my bathtrom is very slippy, and like u are imagining i was all stress and hurry to prepared my things to school, i split and fell in the bloody cold floor!Auchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!I hurt my anckle, even with a lots of pain i smiled of my patetic movements that i made before i fell -_-''
After that stupid moment i went to the kitchen to eat like an animal my cereals, cause i was toooo late...
I just trow up all in the first bite the milk was like jello!!! the date of was from 10/02/04!!!Iahhhck! And i buy that milk a few days before!how can people sell things that are lost? Offcourse that are people like me who doesnīt look for the date of things!!-_-''
In a way to take all the taste of my mouth i drank lost of coffee desperly...( u will see what the coffe does to me!!)
I lost my bus, and lost my first class, in
the next class i remenber i left my project who i past days after days working out at home and i need in that class!
Because of the Coffe that i drank in the morning, i was very sleepy and almost sleept
in classes (yes coffe has that effect on me!!), the teachers were all the time screaming with me 'cause of that!
The hour of lunch came (at last!), because of the hurry to catch the bus i forgot to ask my mother money!!!-_-'', oh well some friends saved me and spear me some! #always with a smile in my face# ^-^
Finally school ends and it was time to go home, but once again i forgot my keys (gosh i really have to go to a doctor! iīm forgeting many things!!), well to not enter in desper i tell to my self for having some confort: " Well it canīt be any worse then that!!", but i was wrong, it can be allright, it starts.... raining!!!!!
And i was outside!!! I just start screeming and...arrghhh! T_T

Animation from Gpetz.com

Animation from Gpetz.com

The day was horrible i was wet, cold and sooo hungry...

Animation from Gpetz.com

And all that really happened!!!!
And it supost to happen in Friday 13, not in a Monday 16!!!!
Gosh i really donīt had any luck today, just bad horrible luck!! I really shouldnīt left my bed and home this morning, oh well life is life.... ŧ_Ŧ

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