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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It seems that I posted yesterday without actually doing it, maybe it was a glitch of some sort. I don't really know.
Still, I apologise for those that came once again and commented. Also, want to thank you all for your incredible and supportive words, it truly touched me and made that day more bearable.
The only good news I have to tell you is my PS3 is fixed. It was something about a file that got corrupted or deleted from the hard-drive so after some imagination we fixed it and its working nicely again. If we mailed it to Sony it would take around 30 to 50 days to get it fixed. We wouldn't pay a thing but still waiting that long its not that appealing.
We did, however lost everything that was stored in there, like saves from games, demos and such (I was so close to finish Assassins Creed), so yeah no fun.

What about life itself?
Well. Its been rough times and I'm afraid it will stay that way for awhile, for how long I do not know but not for long, I hope. I'm still positive about a better tomorrow even though things keeps pushing me down.
About what's actually happening, I rather not talk about it yet, when things get straight again and I can take a relief breath, I'll let you know. So I ask you to bear with me for awhile, heh.

And as for Shanny, you know that no matter how hard my life can get, how mean it can become, there's always space and attention for you, doll.
ALWAYS. So do not hesitated to call me.
2008 is owning us big time, especially for you so he better behave from now on or else.Well. Lets just say he'll be in big trouble.

Same offer goes for you guys.

So let us all wait for better tomorrows together, okay?

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