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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   [insert wickiest title here]
The past few days I've been watching this show called Densha Otoko, it talks about a group of people that ends up meeting' in the net and become friends.
I've never heard of such show before, until recently.
It was one of the christmas gift I received through mail from a close friend so I appreciate a whole lot more. It's truly a delicious and funny show so you should definitely give it a try whenever you can.
But that's beside the point I've mentioned it.

Just like in the show, we've all made friends through the internet whether it was here or anywhere else, I certainly did. I've been a member for this place for hmmm....5 years or so? Yes, it's been a long time now, I've met many people, some came and went away and some we've become more and more close each passing year.
Some of this close friends have helped through many hard times, we shared tears and laughs, we celebrated New Years together cheering every time someone got into the new year, we even woke up early in the morning to do it (heh guilty in charge *laughs*) and most important of all, they helped mold my personality. (I could rant about it for a good while but it's not what I pretend with this so I'll skip it)
Its only fair to say that my life wouldn't be the same without them, believe it or not, they are part of my life now, so life without them would be pretty boring, and, well, shallow too.
While watching that show, how all of the characters were getting so close to each other each passing episode even being miles and miles away made me realized a few things, some good and some bad.

The Good
The good part is how lucky I feel for destiny was nice enough to make our paths cross and I got the chance to meet such fabulous people. Words cannot express how happy I feel whenever they come to mind. Its a warm feeling to know that wherever life take me I have friends all spread throughout the world. Its so overwhelming!

The Bad

The bad part is because we've been friends for so long, I took them for granted, sometimes I even over-used their friendship or test their patient, and what hurts more its I only realized that after watching this show.
I know, it may sound like I'm ungrateful friend and maybe I am sometimes but it only makes those people even more special to me because they never ran away or lost faith in me, they are still around and I have always acknowledge that.

Heh you know, this reminds of something too and most of you will agree with me on this, perhaps too much, hehe...
I have this motto that I always try to follow, its basically like this “Whenever possible you should tell others what you feel about them, how grateful you feel to have them around and how essential they are to your life. Tell them today don't wait for tomorrow because you might not get a chance to say it by then and they would never end knowing how you feel”.

So yeah, I skipped some those in the past year with some of you but that's also why I started that little tradition two years ago around this time where I “boost” your ego with sweet descriptions of you. AND there is also why I “annoy” you by telling you how I've missed you or how much I care for you and its also why every time something happens to you my “worryness” mode works like crazy and sometimes I overdo it.

And the point to this post is.....?

Well the point of this post is, I want you to know that each and every single of you are precious to me. All the moments we've shared, every time we've spent together, I am grateful for.
And it may not count much but I apologize. I apologize for each time I overdue it or took your friendship for granted or perhaps were mean to you in someway.

A new year has started and it couldn't have started in a better foot when all of you were there and celebrated it with me. Its also a new year to start over again so I'll do my best to change a little, be more patient, slow my “worryness” mode more and well just appreciate better the time I spend with you. Be assured though that I'll always be here for you whenever you need. So don't be too shy to ask okay? =3

Sooo....here's hoping for another fantastic year in your company! And lets hope I make it and truly show you how much I appreciate your friendship in person soon.
[winks & laughs]

Love you all,

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