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Monday, December 24, 2007

   It's Christmas!
So it seems to me that its been awhile since I last came here. Thought I should finally drop some lines over here 'cause you know, its Christmas Eve and all and I still can't believe we're already celebrating Christmas! Time surely runs by fast lately...

But before going on about the holidays, I should, at least tell you a lil' bit about whats going on with life lately.
So how have been Shadow's life?
Well, it certainly has been eventful, hectic and emotional. Well school related, it has been more or so like:
Trying to finish shooting the animation before the time runs out, exams, projects, essay's, hosting the School's Volley Competition and Christmas Party (which I like to think that I did alright on both), while I was helping at home with remodelling the living room, booooooy that was hard! So yeah James everything is completely different from when you here. It looks much better now. =D

You can be sure that I was desperate for the Winter Break and since I'm already enjoying it, all I've been doing lately is cleaning the house like crazy (because of the remodelling we had this tiny white dust that spread throughout the house furniture. It was a nightmare to get rid of it!) and until now I was cooking like mad for tonight.
Boy I'm tired, but I still have some time to play Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance II along with the brother every night 'till very late or more like early morning? Hahaha...yeah and I'll be doing that in a few seconds again. Its a fun game.
Oh speaking of games! Due to school I was unable to mail the gifts sooner so they'll arrive late. I'm sorry about that everyone.
Well time to leave and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a great time!

Ps: Aaaaand it just arrived one gift! And I loved it very much! Thank you, James! =3

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