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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A rant
People can be so cold and cruel.Well most people, anyway.
They can hide it very well, they pretend to be nice and sweet and when you least expect, they unleash that side of theirs and youíre caught off guard most times.
I despise them pure and simple. I really do. Because they can never tell you directly what they want, they hide their intents in sarcasm, irony or just a bunch of words that to most are harmless but to you they're hurtful and plain cruel.
Sadly, Iíve always been surrounded by one or two of these kind of people and I always fell victim to them. Actually, it was also good in a way since Iíve learn with time to donít mind or care of whatever came out of their mouths. To me it was just garbage and garbage cannot reach me. I wouldnít let it. Not anymore.
Still, I donít know how but these people know how to trigger my ire and can hurt me pretty badly when instead of talking or being cruel about me, they turn to the ones I love.
I know that its still the same garbage talk and I shouldnít mind with that, but I just canít. Not when people I cherish the most are involved.
So I tend to loose control. I have the urge to protect them, theyíre not there to protect themselves and even if they were, I would still protect them at all cost.

Iím so furious! Furious and sad. Furious that someone can actually feel pleasure by doing that and deeply sad that that person used someone I care and love so truly to only get their message through on how they think I should do or have in my life. ITS MY LIFE! I never asked their opinion on anything!Especially when I only know them for a few months.

I can't help but wonder, how can someone take pleasure hurting another with cruel words? Why do it if you know that person will most likely feel hurt and sad?
I donít get it, I really donít. Nor do I intend to understand it, either.
I just know that if this happens again, I probably won't answer for myself.

Its sad and revolting. Truly.

I know I have your questions to answer, I could do it now since I have the time, it just wouldn't be right to do in the state of mind I'm in right now so I will do it next time. I promise.

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