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Monday, February 26, 2007

I had a car accident, well more like a bus accident today, just about two hours ago.
I wish I could say that nobody got hurt, unfortunately someone did. I don't know if it was too serious or not, but from the hit sounds serious.
I truly hope his okay. I myself got hurt too, not so bad though.

Let me tell you what happened then, we were making a thick turn like we usually do on the way home (I'm very surprise how bus drivers make that turn so well with such a large vehicle, even at full speed), so there I was inside chatting calmly with a collegue when this stupid kids shows up running in front of the bus, right after the turn. The driver did all he could to not hit them by stepping the brake, everyone that was sat down hit their heads on the front seat. What was horrible to watch was the ones that were up, all of them were pushed to the front, some managed to grab on but most of them couldn't.
So like pieces of domino they were all pushed, particulary this guy, he was right next to the busdriver, unable to grab on he was violently pushed to the bus window and hit his head, breaking it.
The image of the guy flying at the window, the dry sound of his head hitting the window.....I can't explain.
It was truly horrible. I keep reviving it over and over in my head.
He was conscience when they took him to the hospital so I truly, truly hope the man is okay. What a terrible luck he had.

Aside from having a sore wrist (I think I twisted it) and a bruised finger, I'm fine. Although inside I don't actually "feel fine".
After the accident and checking if my friend was okay, I remember saying it outloud in my head: "Thank God it wasn't me" and feeling relief.
I just can't believe I thought that.

All I want right now is to sleep but my parents won't let me. They think that I may have a concussion, or something, I don't. Of course.
Heh, maybe I'm more shacked than I thought.


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