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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   Swimming in a chainletters swamp
I wasn't going to post today but I'm compile to do so. I can't believe that in only a few days, my private box was filled to its max with only chainletters!

I'm litteraly swimming in a spam swamp. It's ridiculous.
I've already replied back to a few and each one I replied understood why I didn't want them but blah I have no time nor energy to message a hundred more.

I'm not that kind of person that shows her dark side very easily but after watching my private box get filled, I'm furious!

So if you're one of those people that believe on them and are here to send me one, READ THIS FIRST before you do:

A) I consider them as spam. Plain and simple.

B)Their ridiculously long. Like I never really read one but I had to scroll down to reply and it took so long!

C) I hate them. Period.
I know it may be stupid from my part to say it. But I'm being honnest, I do hate them. I think it's a waste of time, you're time while you send them to me, it only fills my space. Imagine if someone really has something important to tell me, or ask for my help?Something that really matters and I don't get it in time because my private box is filled with spam!Do you think I find this fun or amusing?

I don't and this have to stop. At least here.On my space.

I tried but I never seem to understand how can someone sane thinks their love life can be change with a bunch of words talking about an idiotic idea that if you send it to a specific number of people your love live will improve and if you don't, well you practically won't have a healthy one.
How come so many people believe such folishness? How can you be certain that it'll improve or get worst?! You think chainletters have eyes? That this things have special powers?
Did it ever occured to you that if you want a healthy love life you have to try your best to earn it first?
It's all about being persistent and waiting at the sametime. Look around you. You never know if you don't see it. Besides a half of the messages I got I didn't recognise the names!
How come so many people that never visit, read or had a chance to know me better are so willing to save my love live?

I thank you for the fact that you only remember me when you need a bunch more of people to send chainletters, but next time be sure you don't include me. I find it rude and unecessary.
I'm tired of this. I thought having rules weren't needed, but guess I was wrong.

There, I said it. And I feel much better, now I can get back to my pile of essays.

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