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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

   Subjects are so over-rated
So while I writte this I'm drinking my second large cup of coffee today.
I don't know why I'm drinking it since coffee makes me sleepy rather than energetic. I guess I like the taste. American coffee it's quite tasty/addictive I find, gotta love the only american store we have here.

But anyway, I'm waiting at home for a collegue to help me with this essay or project (I dunno what to call it), I've been working on it quite hard for I don't know how long, countless hours, days now and I'm still not finished! There's so much left to do. Urgh. I desperatly need a smart-head for this... geez...

That's what happens when you're dumb at Physics and think you can do it all during your very-short vacations.
And no, I'm not turning like you SG, leaving all the work to the last minute.
Ack, I won't admit it, (although inside I do). You're probably finding this very amusing and were somewhat waiting for this.
Right now I'm imagining you grinning, using the same warnings I told you way back while sticking and waving your finger at me.

I won't let it!

I think the baggerish eyes are enough for a punishment, no?


Still won't admit it!

Arrrggggh.....but I lazed somehow anyway....

Okay, let me take a deep breath before you do it //breathes

....okay shoot!


[edit]Blah it passed 30 min already, she suppose to be here!
I hope she hasn't forgotten about it...or else I worked so hard on cleanning the house and preparing a morning snack for nothing.
It's not like I don't clean the house, I do. Every day. But when guests come over I like to pamper them by preparing a delicious snack and making the house extra-clean for them and extra-clean demands alot of hard work.

[edit] 15 MINUTES!If she won't get here soon there won't be any coffee left!

Gosh, I feel so exhausted. I'm quite impressed that I'm still up and awake, actually. Maybe I have much more energy than I thought I had.
I wanna procrastinate more, but I don't have any energy left for it....any volunteers to do it for me?

Maybe not, heh.

Coffee ran out. Maybe I should do more, yeah...

One hour and 10 min later, she finally arrives....[/edit]

5:30 pm After she left, I thought a nap would help me feel better at least for half an hour, but I end up sleeping for hours.
Opps! I'm screwed. XD

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