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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/05/04:
I can kick someone's *** if they fighten me or do anything stupid.

KICK ASS! You fight! You don't want to let someone
make you afraid! So you laugh at the fear and
fight it! It's probbably a bit careless and
dangerous but better than do nothing, because
than you'll loose anyway! Go you!

How do you react when you are afraid? ( ...with pics... )
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Result Posted on 05/05/04:
Earth is cool. But my element is really water.

You are Earth...Smart,shy,yet steady
You are Earth! Steady,strong, and smart. You know
that the decisions that you make are good ones
and stick to it.Keep it up!

::..::..Whats your anime element?..::..::
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Result Posted on 05/05/04:
Cool I'm Amy but I was expecting Sonic or Knuckles. But that's ok.

Result Posted on 05/05/04:
Cool I'm Amy. I like Amy. But I also like Knuckles and Sonic.

Result Posted on 05/03/04:
Cool! I am all of those things. But I'm happy with what I got.

Result Posted on 05/02/04:
I wouldn't say that I'm not a scorpio which I'm not(Picses) But that's ok.

Result Posted on 05/02/04:
Heero is cool although he tried to kill his self numerous times.

Result Posted on 04/29/04:
I got the 2 best Anime i have ever liked. Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin. And I'm happy about it. ^_^

My anime is...

What Anime is Right for You?
this quiz was made by http://www.seraphlight.net

Result Posted on 04/24/04:
Hmmm. Well i like this one. I like to bully around my Friend Soujirou(what i call him) but most of the time he bullies me. But I'm Sexy though.^_^ lol

Result Posted on 04/24/04:
Inuyasha? I was hopin for at least Sango or Miroku. Well I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Besides I like Inuyasha. ^_^

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