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Sunday, August 13, 2006

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Hello all. This is my last time updating this late for quite sometime. That's right, this is my last supper of the summer. School is tomorrow and I'll start my Junior year off with a bang. I mean seriously...school is just tomorrow starting at the same time that's I'm writing. That means I'll be missing AniMidnight, my Soap Operas, and just being lazy sleeping in late!

It'll be awhile before I probably update again. Well, not as long as my usual absence. *takes a breather* Man...my summer has been great to me. I finally got to see a few friend of mine that I haven't seen in awhile, and got a few classes out of the way.

Yesterday was sort of a family thing yesterday. My mom and sis went bike riding while I was being a lazy one still sleep. I didn't wake up until 9. Then my mom and I were getting a kick out of watching GH. I was soooooo good. That's why I want my mom to record it for me so I won't miss out on it. Then my mom and I went to McDonalds to get some Ice cream. This one got a milkshake!

Cloud: Why didn't you get me one?

Shadow:...uh..cause you didn't ask...

Cloud: I shouldn't have to ask

Shadow: So what I'm like a mind reader now Cloud?

Cloud:...you read my mind about a couple of things.

Shadow: Like what?


Shadow: I'll let you ponder on that for awhile.

Then I was singing the song, "My Milkshake Bring all the boys to the yard! And they're like it's better than yours!" It was funny. On the way back home while my mom and I were walking, my dad said he saw us, but we didn't see him. It's amazing how other people see you but you don't see them.

Then last night, my sis and I were watching Kill Bill vol.1 and were putting the subtitles in Japanese so that we could try to translate it. It was funny because we were arguing over what symbol and what it means. We got like the first couple of them before we started to watch something else...I think it was South Park.

Shadow: Figured it out yet?


Shadow: Nevermind.

Nothing really happened today except that the weahter has been cooler than normal. It feel so good that I would take an Air Mattress and camp outside.

Well, I'll drop by some sites later. Have a good day!


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