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Saturday, November 19, 2005

new site.
our beloved Xela267 has his own web site Imagine Anime Forums. cheeck it out
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

lord of the shadows. part 4
July 9, 2005. Jade and his team, Sasuke, sainonoka, and kronos are heading to an underground bunker. that is where Jake, and one other person live. the person is Akane, the fox vixen. she has been working with jake to find Jade. Now that she has she tells Jake. Jake is a cyborg, Part Man part machine, and all deadly, Jake hated Jade for one reason: Jade was a demon. And jake had archer, The Celestrial Being and legendary alchemist.

Any way, jade is sick and tired of these half- dead kreeps that he fights night and day. and the dead miko he fights is not getting any deader. She's Becoming more powerful!

So at the bunker, jade is the first to enter. he is ready and fully armed. Shadow spells, devestator sword, Black bombs, and the first thing he uses, if you gessed bombs, You win a prize. Jade blows up anything that has a heartbeat. Body parts everywhere. soldiers screaming. His own team afraid of him. the last thing he does: goes up to the last survivor, grabs the mans' head and says: "Mortificus" and the man has blood gushing from his eyes and mouth then the man turns to bone. what will happen next? read part5 coming soon.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hi its me. i have been on crutches for a while. i broke my ankle skateboarding. I was on Morphine and had to have Six or Seven Screws put in my ankle. any way, i finally got a Naruto Headband. It has Naruto's village's symbol on it, and the symbol is on a metal plate. it is awsome. any way send me pms and i will try to get back to you. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   mp3 player
YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have an mp3 player. all anime songs outlaw star, fma, slayers,ruroni kenshin, cowboy bebop, and lets not forget saiyuki. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   revised lord of the shadows part 4
jade knew what he was about to do would be risking his life. but he was willing to take chances. his target: sasuke, a ninja with a curse seal on his back. this is the begining of there friendship.

sasuke and his girl where walking home one night when sakura, sasuke's girl, noticed a wierd boy with green eyes and green and gold hair. watching them. so sasuke took a detour throgh the ally which was long. when the girl looked back, the boy was gone. half-way through the ally, sasuke stopped and said "who's there?" then sakura screamed as she say the boy right behind her. sasuke threw knives at the guy, but they passed through him. thats when sasuke knew who it was. the boy had stepped into the light and his face showed. it was jade. sasuke was then hit to the ground. he looked at his girlfriend. she couldn't move or speak. jade had put a spell on her that paralyzed and muted her. he struck jade. jade flew backwards and hit the wall. they both pulled out katanas. jade had special ones. his had the seal of the shadow lord on the, making them holy items. jade took fifteen blows despite this. sasuke took 12. jade fell to the ground. as sasuke was about to give the death blow, jade grabed sakura and held her before sasuke. when sasuke dropped his swords, jade let go of sakura and yelled in jappanese "mystic shadow feild!" and struck saskue in the head. then sasuke passed out. jade stood up and before sakura's eyes, the wounds disapeard. he then removed the spell and she asked who he was. the answer he gave sakura was "jade, lord of shadows and the prince of the dark. then jade dissipeard without a trace.

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i have a new nick name. it is Jade. it is the same name of the character in my story. you can call me that over the internet. i have had problems with people using mey user name in pm"s
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new avi
the avi i was looking for is now up check it out
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i have to find a new avi a temporary one is up currently
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

part 4
sasuke and his girl friend were walking home one night when they heard a strang nosie coming from behind them. "who's there?" sasuke's girlfriend asked. jade then came out of the darkness. "sasuke, i have come to slay you!" jade yelled and lunged at sasuke. sasuke was helpless. the attacks came over and over with out stopping. as the fighting countinued, sasuke's girlfriend looked on in horror as her love hit the ground in a bloody mess. jade laughed and turned invisible. the only thing left of jade was a mark of the shadow god.

akane the fox vixin, a master thief was watching the fight. she was amazed at the strength of the shadow boy. she said to her self *i have found the shadow god at last.*

jake was waiting for jade. the attack came hard and swift. but jade knew. jade attacked and struck. shooting at jake, jake fell to the ground and got back up and ran. "mission: failed." he said.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

wolf haven
if you never heard of wolf haven, then you are missing out on some cool stuff. this place has wolves from zoos, research facilites, and other places. the people at wolf haven take care of these wolves. if you like wolves, or are interested by wolves, you will love wolf haven
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