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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

   The weather
It's absolutely boiling today! I went to visit my friend, who happens to live in the hottest place in the country. I was more capable of handling the heat than the others though, of whom were sweating like pigs (fact: pigs actually don't sweat, so it is one very strange saying). I, being a sucker, offered to leave the housing state where my friend lives to walk into town (where it was most hot) and get a few bags of chips (with my own money...). But this is quite a heatwave - and according to the weather forecast it will be even worse tomorrow. I want the rain to come back. I always used to complain about the rain, but the sun is enough to drive anyone insane.

Today I feel a bit awkward for a number of reasons;

  • I overslept

  • I was in a bit of a mood and cancelled my horseriding lesson

  • When I realised it had been paid for, I decided to get ready to go, but by then it was far too late.

  • I was guilty ever since

  • Being with my friends was even more hassle than it was worth

  • The sun has just turned my brain to a pile ofmush

Now I know how it feels to be standing there...

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