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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Up for the craic?
I hang around Ireland, and I love a laugh. But most people take life to seriously here..Whenever I meet someone having a laugh, they are always English, like myself. Whatever happened to the rebels like those in Glastonbury? What has happened to the people who would wear their Halloween costumes in the middle of the summer (like myself!)?
Something wild, something fresh - that's what we need. People who are not neccessarily assholes, but enjoy the laugh - in any location (instead of just once a year at a festival). People are too embarrassed by their "image" to actually enjoy themselves - which is disgraceful.
If you have a spot on your chin, who on earth is going to say, "Oh my God, look at that girl there, she has a spot on her chin!!"? Noone! Why can people not realise this? The media is crap. People are obsessed by just a load of skinny models starving themselves and taking drugs.

They are not reality. We are. Life is what you make it, and if every teenager in the world is going to take these models seriously and honestly think that they are going to be the same, then they have just screwed up their own lives.

Being obsessed by every calorie you eat, and how "cool" you look just leads to your own demise. You can never go wrong with a cut back on the chocolate, but people are letting it control their lives. As for the "image", noone gives a crap whether or not you are wearing that top Cheryl Tweedy wore on TV last week, or whether or not you have the latest Adidas trainers.

It's about time people live it up a bit more and enjoy their lives!

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