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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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dream wings (06/26/07)

Thank you so much for stopping by my site, and signing my guestbook! Sorry if it took a long time for me to return the favor, I'm not quite as on top of things here as I once was. Hehe, price of having a real world life I suppose. Oh well...I've babbled on here enough!
Thank you so much, I'll add you as a friend as well!

~Dream Wings

necury (06/26/07)

Yo -waves-

Thanks so much for signing my GB!! I totally appreciate it! :D

ANYWAY, yeah. I LOVE Ed Edd n Eddy. Ed is so cooote. ♥ But I'm not too sure about the procrastination thing. I'm pretty bad... XD;

Anyway, I really like your site! The layout is amazing, if not a bit confusing. It took about a minute to find how to get to your GB. 8D;;

I'll add you too!! And I hope we'll see eachother around!!


shizuka (06/26/07)

And might I say, welcome to myOtaku! Though it already seems like you've been here for a while, since you have such a nice theme, and have already made alot of friends! ^_^

Thank you for signing my guestbook! Aw, I'm glad my site made you feel that way. Hehe ^.^= But yeah, that was my Valentines theme, so I was thinking about changing it soon ^^;

Right now it's Tales of the Abyss; It's my favorite game! (But please don't be mistaken! It's NOT a yaoi game or anything like my theme makes it look like!!)

Um, other than that, I like the other games in the Tales series, Zelda, and some Final Fantasy~ (IX is my favorite ^^) So I mostly like RPGs :) It's funny cause when I was younger, I never played them cause I thought they were too hard XD

Oh, why yes, I am a Kenshin fan :3 I have'nt seen it in quite a while though, (I miss it..) and I've never actually seen the whole series since they stopped showing it on TV.. T_T But maybe someday I'll see the rest ^^

Well, this is getting long..
I'll see you later! Take care! ^_^

Magnus Lensherr (06/25/07)


Nice site you have here! I lobve the background and the way you have laid everything out on the homeoage so its all nice and easy to read!

~ Looks at your goal ~ Mazimum Ride, maybe you can tell me this! Is that a movie based on the books by James Patterson? I saw it mentioned ages ago elsewhere before i found the books and now im wodnering if they are related!

You seem like a wonderful person! I hope we can be friends and exchange comments! Like you i am one of those that will comment on those who visit me and everything ~ Nods ~ Aslong as its not one liners, i cant stand them ~ Laughs ~

Well i wish you the best of luck with your site and your life and ill see you around!

Only Darkness Will Live On For Eternity

Olette-chan (06/25/07)

Well Hello there Blackbird! n__n Tis Olette droping by to say thank you for signing her guest book. It was a very nice thing of you to do. And I must say I love your site. Heheh skypirates are the best although I can't remember this guys name for the life of me. ;__; I apologize for that but I have a horrible memory sooo *sweatdrop*

Any way I Love FMA. I mean I have them on my keychains and on my bag as patches yes it was an amazing anime and I was very upset when it ended. u_u Only 51 awesome episodes and a movie..although I hear that the movie wasn't as good as the series but maybe it is *shrugs*. Ah sorry for the rambling I tend to do this sometimes..

Your goal is very interesting. I've never heard of any one make a goal like that! I hope you achieve it..of course not soon because you aren't old now...so you shouldn't be going any where. XD Hrmm...AHH YOU LOVE ROLEPLAYING TOO!! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE ROLEPLAYING!! What do you like to roleplay? What characters are you usually? Heheh Video gaming and cosplaying rule too. *Claps*

Well thanks for the gb signging and I hope to be good friends with you. n_n

kyolover05 (06/24/07)

Hiya!!I love FFXII*Smiles*!Anywho,I added you*Hugs*!PM me anytime!

Q:Do you have any fav. couples from FFXII?

Mine are:AshexHer deceased husband,AshexBasch,VaanxPenelo,and BalthierxFran*Smiles*!


squeaker 1 (06/24/07)

alo! ^^ I'm Squeaker nice to meet you! ^^ I gather that this is a FFXII theme, seeing as that's what CurseoftheZodiac was freaking out over. XD

I like your layout. It's very cool. ^^

Ah, you're only five months older than me! ^^

Hey, I like to write too. Of course, I never get around to writing anything anymore, but I'll start up again soon. XD

well, i'm addin' ya, TTYL!

CurseoftheZodiac (06/24/07)


Zomg you rock! I love FF12! You've probably played it since Balthier is your theme ^^ Where you at? Anyways sorry bout that just a vid game freak. I love your site layout and thanks for signing my Gb! Yeah so Sophmores!! Woot! Well I'm adding you and pm me anytime if you need anything!

Your new friend,

sweetdevil (06/24/07)

Hi! Well, first thing I should say, I suppose, is welcome to the MyO! Hope you feel great here, because everyone's nice around here ^_^ Err, more like the people I know.
I'm going to be in the 10th grade starting with September, to answer your question ^_^
And I recommend POTC 3, I found it quite enjoyable. Oh, how many good movies I would've missed, had I listened to critics!
Hmm, I see you're not wasting your time! You've been here for 2 days and already have so many friends on your list... Good for you ^^
As you say, I'll see you around! I will add you as a friend too.

Angel Zakuro (06/24/07)

^^ Wow, you're so new!! *hugs* Awesome. Wow, I love Getbackers!!! Teehee, Akabane being my fave. I've made some Getbackers wallpapers, too. I'm a wallpaper-maker. ^_^ Anyhoo, very glad to meet you, and thanks for signing my gb!! I hope to see you around!

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