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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the demon realm, Roswell sits in a meeting with Kogamaru and Shear. They all sit quietly for quite some time.

"Anyone get hold of Shingi?" Shear asked

"Of course not. Every time I send a man to retrieve him, they come back with the same message. "I will not attend this meeting. Go away." Roswell said slightly infuriated.

Kogamaru leaned back in his chair rubbing his eyes.

"Something wrong?" Shear asked.

"No. Just had a long night. Between negotiation with those useless twurps in human realm and taking care of what you all asked about those bodies, I haven't had much sleep." Kogamaru explained.

"Hey! Has anyone heard anything from Sephile? She should have contacted someone by now...." Roswell said

Both lords shook their heads.

"Damn..." Roswell said pounding on the table breaking it in half

"Roswell...I understand that you're mad and all but please....don't break my table...." Shear said.

Their current meeting was being held in the Western Lands. Its been 2 months since Shingi's tussle with Raijin. Afterwards, Shingi stopped participating in their meetings and refused to accept any of their requests. Roswell had all of his men and some help from Shear's men and some of Kogamaru's people to help in rebuilding the Eastern Lands since Nara himself destroyed it. Reasons unknown.

"Hey, you think Shingi is with them?" Roswell said.

The other two lords went quiet.

"No way. He may be stubborn and hard to deal with but....." kogamaru said

"Think about it! We were all standing right there when Raijin brought back Nara's body but he was the only one to believe he wasn't dead. Now he doesn't wanna participate in our meetings or offer any help!" Roswell said. Kogamaru and Shear took in all this information for Roswell did indeed bring up some good points.

"Surprisingly, you bring up some good points Roswell." Shear said

Roswell smiles

"But we simply can't just jump to conclusions for if we're wrong, losing Shingi's trust would hurt us indeed." Kogamaru said

"And if he is indeed with them?" Roswell asked

"Then you best believe he will be dealt with in a swift and painful manner." Kogamaru said.

"Shouldn't we deal with this now?! I'll go and confirm his intentions. After all, I have a score to settle with him. For Raijin..." Roswell said.

"Go ahead." Kogamaru said and with that said, Roswell was up and opening the castle doors.

"Shear. If you don't mind, would you go with him and make sure he doesn't go to far. You know how he is." Kogamaru asked.

Shear stood up and grabbed his katanas from the stand by the door.

"Any word on Sessaru yet? So far he seems to be the only one we haven't found and don't give me that bullshit about how he might be the only one who didn't make it." Shear said.

"Sorry pal. No word. Nothing. No movements. No signature. Nothing. He just may be dead and if he's not then he's doing a very good job at hiding his presence. *laughs*

Shear opens the door

"Please. Keep looking into it for me. Anything will do. After all, stealth is his specialty." Shear said

Just as Shear was leaving

"Oh? If that's the case dig this." Kogamaru said pulling up a virtual screen playing a recording from a scout that managed to get close enough.

"See this boy here? His name is Ashen. He's a average human but as you can see, *screen widens* he sits amongst the other three as if he's part of the gang. Coincidence? I think not although we've scanned him several times, he pops up human every time." Kogamaru informed.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate it." Shear said as he walked away.

"Going to see for yourself?" Kogamaru asked.

"Yes but after I look after Roswell for you." Shear said and left.


"AAAAAAAAAACCCHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!" Sessaru sneezes all over Ta.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Ta snapped

"Sorry sorry.." Sessaru said generously as he wiped snot from his nose.

Time had flew by for it had been 2 months since Nara's disappearence. Everyone had spent a great deal looking for him but to no avail and Lady Kareen had locked herself in her room. Steven, Amelia, and Ashen proceeeded with school as usual to avoid detection and Kareen had brought some seeds of her Vido plants from the demon realm and planted them around the house so now from the outside, the house literally looks like its part of the hill it sits upon. The attacks from demons and scouts have died out recently. With Shin out killing them as they appear there hasn't been much to worry about but Ta says that he has a feeling things are gonna get interesting.

Around the end of the school, Amelia's class threw a party for their teacher because she would be leaving them soon. Ashen was invited and the girls thought it would be cute to dye his hair pink. Ashen didn't think to much of it butr a certain individual didn't think to kindly of it after the party was over...


("Calm down. Its not that bad...I mean...those girls sure were cute...") Ashen said

("Don't give me that crap! You're a guy for crying out loud! Guys don't wear pnk!" Sessaru said.

A couple of students that were walking by had stopped and looked at him talk to himself and began whispering amongst themselves

"What the hell are you looking at?!" Sessaru snapped and the students walked on.

("Sessaru come on! What is your problem?!") Ashen snapped.

Sessaru remained quiet for a while and clinched his fist tight and swung at himself. Just before the fist connected with his face, Sessaru switched places with Ashen causing Ashen to hit himself. The blow caused Ashen to stumble backwards and tumble down the stairs.

"They just never learn....." Shin said with quick swing of his blade throwing the blood off his blade as another scout fell to his sword.

Suddenly from behind him, a battle cry was heard and a scout with pink hair charged from behind some bushes. He spun his nunchucks around with fierce intensity. He swung at Shin with all he had. Shin quickly dodged and spun around the poor scout. The scouts attack was powerful enough to leave a rather impressive hole in the ground where the nunchuck struck but unfortunately for the scout, that was the last thing his ever did before Shin's blade impaled his throat. Blood gushed from his mouth as he tried to turn his head to look and see the seven year old boy who he had been defeated by. Shin quickly withdrew his sword from his opponents throat and returned it to its sheath. The scout fell to the earth motionless. Blood poured from the hole in his throat nonstop. A smile appeared on the little boy's face before he heard the sounds of voices. Shin quickly left the scene of his crime.

"Ugh! Is there anyway to remove this......this "dye" I do believe you called it." Sessaru asked as he turned corner of the school that lead to the track field in the back.

("Well I like it. Therefore its staying!") Ashen said simply to annoy Sessaru.

"You can't be serious!" Sessaru complained

("Why are you complaining?! Your hair is naturally black and blue so pink shouldn't make much of a difference!") Ashen said.

"Hmmm.....you have a point..." Sessaru started before coming to a halt.


in the hall of Kogamaru's castle, hundreds upon hundreds of demons anywhere from peon to general class assembled from both Shear's, Roswell's, and his own armies under his order. Everyone was curious as to why Kogamaru would assemble them there. The main hall's doors opened and Kogamaru emerged with a smile on his face. The troops worries were at ease.

"Men! Thank you all for coming here on such short notice. I've assemble you all here this day for a few reasons. One. I'd like to thank you all for your hard work and loyal services to Shear, Roswell, and myself. We may not say it but I'd like to say it personally. Thank you." Kogamaru said.

Applauds and cheers were heard amongst the troops. Kogamaru signaled them to quiet down and the did so. A few coughs were heard amonst the crowd.

"And finally, I'd like to tell you all that.....your services are no longer needed." Kogamaru said with a twisted smile. Suddenly, steel-like bars fell down blockiing all exits out. Panic and fury came over the troops but was quickly put to halt as with a single movement of the fingers and by the bunch, their heads came clean off or they were split right in half. One man pounded and pounded on the steel bars trying to leave but a ill wind blew by him and he froze in shock. He turned to his side and felt a hand touch his shoulder. From out of nowhere, Kogamaru stood right beside him. Just as he was about to let out a scream of terror, Kogamaru's claws pierced the guys right eye exiting the back of the guy's head with the brain still intact.

"Amazing......simply amazing......" Kogamaru said as he turned to look behind him and saw his handywork. Bodies lie dismembered and broken laid everywhere.

"Men....clean. Have fun...." kogamaru said and red eyes appeared from the darkness. Within a flash, creatures of unknown origin licked, ate, slurped, and devoured the remains of the dead demon bodies.

"Unbelievable....." Kogamaru said to himself staring at his hands before he began to cough up blood.

"Mi'lord! Are you alright?!" a demon said emerging from the shadows.

"Yes. I'm fine. I just seemed to have overdid it a bit..." Kogamaru said shaking his head.

"Don't overdo it my liege. Its still in the testing stages." The dark cloaked demon said.

"I know and thank you Durandal." Kogamaru said as Durandal helped him to his feet.

The other demons of the shadow continued to eat and feast on the corpses until only traces of blood remained.

Durandal and Kogamaru walked back to the lab.

"What was the meaning behind that slaughter mi'lord?" Durandal asked

"Well honestly. I've had a feeling that there were spies amongst the rankings. Like why Roswell would suddenly attack the Lone Islands. With Sephile gone, Roswell is usually quiet since he doesn't make a move without her but then suddenly he attacks Ryuu's islands?" Kogamaru explained.

"Good point." Durandal replied as they stepped onto the elevator.

"So the best way to eliminate the problem is to wipe it clean. Start from scratch..." Kogamaru said as he got light-headed and nearly fell over before Durandal caught him.

"Perhaps you should......" Durandal started.

"Not yet.....I still have 2 good men out there. Once they return, I'll put the final piece of my puzzle into place....they should be returning any minute now......" Kogamaru said


("Man.....someone did a number on him...") Ashen said.

"(Isn't it obvious who did this? You're not that stupid.)" Sessaru said

"(This guy must have been a scout and HA! Looks like I'm not the only one that like pink hair!)" Ashen said.

"(Shut up!)" Sessaru said when suddenly he felt someone's presence. Sessaru kicked the pink haired guy's body into a small thicket and walked on.

"Alberti." The voice said

Sessaru continue walking

"Alberti. Its me. William." William said.

Sessaru turned around to see a slender dark haired demon about his height and jade green eyes.

"So you're alright. I was worried about you because of your illness." William said

"(Is....he talking to us?)" Ashen asked

"(Just stay quiet.)" Sessaru said.

"What the hell are you wearing?" William asked.

"Oh this? Its just something to blend in with the humans is all." Sessaru replied

"(You're pretty good.)" Ashen said

"Not bad but Lord Kogamaru is calling us back. We are to return so Operation Dual blade can commence. Come on." William said as he opened a portal to the demon realm. A smile formed on Sessaru's face as he walked through the portal with William despite Ashen's pleas.

"Mi'lord. We're on our way back. I successfully retrieved Alberti. He's okay." William said over a telepathic message.


"Great." Kogamaru said as he pressed a button and a tremor shook the demon realm and suddenly a gel-like barrier separated the two realms restricting all entrances and exits. A look of confusion came over Durandal's face and all Kogamaru did was smile.

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