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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chapter 25:

Sessaru walked down the street with his hands in his pockets pondering all the things he wanted to do his old number one apprentice. Jade

"(Hey....um......)" Ashen said

"(What is it?)" Sessaru replied

"(Well...I wanna help too ya know... Seems like fun..)"

"(Well I suppose..actually......(evil laughter) Oh today is a GOOD day!! (laughs again)"

Sessaru continue to walk to school with a smile on his face when suddenly his smile turned into a frown when he looked to his side and saw a little girl walking beside him.

"Shin..." he said

"Sessaru." Shin replied

"What brings you out here today?"

"Nara asked me to keep an eye on you. To make sure you behave and don't give him too much trouble..." Shin explained

"Is that so......" Sessaru said

The two of them continued to walk on for a while til Sessaru suddenly stopped.

"What's that?" he asked pointing to the sky. Shin looked and saw nothing. Turned back to Sessaru and he was gone.

Anger filled Shin as he punched the ground

"Phew..." Sessaru said walking through a walkway through the trees. Within minutes, Sessaru had arrived at the front of the school and noticed that there was a huge crowd at the front gate. Sessaru walked on to see what was going on and was shocked to see that Lawrence was hanging at the top of the flagpole by his underwear. Lawrence's face was swollen and bloody but he was alive.

"(Oh my.....)" Ashen said

"(Lawrence here has had a rough night..)" Sessaru said

"Alright alright! Nothing to see here! Get to class everyone!!" Nara said as he walked in front of the crowd.

"But...there's a student up there. We should get him to a hospital. I mean...look at him!" a female student said

"I do believe you're right.." Nara said lowering the flag pulling Lawrence's battered body off.

"I'll take this student to the infirmary at once. You all get to class," Nara said

"Oh Ashen! Hi!" Amelia said coming over to see him. Ashen turned to face Amelia and Amelia glanced into cold silver eyes.

"You're....not Ashen....hello Sessaru." Amelia said forcing a smile on her face. Steven quickly stepped in front of her. Sessaru could feel Ashen become depressed.

"Well hello you two. Looking good as usual." Sessaru said

"(SESSARU!!)" Ashen yelled

"(Relax..)" he replied

"Thank you." Amelia said hugging Steven

"Where's Ashen?" she asked

"Where else? I'm a little busy. Excuse me." Sessaru said with a slight bow and walked into the school.

"(What's the big idea!!)" Ashen complained

"(Look. Just chill. She's been your friend since childhood right?)" Sessaru asked

"(Yeah..)" Ashen said

"(Maybe it should stay that way. I mean there's plenty of humans and or demons that you could get with.)"


Nara held Lawrence by the back of his tattered shirt dragging him to the back

"Y....You..." Lawrence muttered

Nara looked back at him and continued to drag him

"W..What...What are you...." Lawrence asked just before he was tossed into the dumpster. Nara dusted off his hands and proceeded to class

Sessaru walked to homeroom and saw Jade sitting in class talking to some students and smiled wickedly

"(Remember the plan?)" Sessaru asked

"(Yup)" Ashen replied

Sessaru walked into class strolling by Jade. Jade turned his attention to Ashen

"Good morning Ashen.." Jade said with a smile but that smile vanished quickly as he stared into not Ashen's soft brown eyes, but into cold silver eyes. Jade remained shocked as Ashen sat down in the seat next to him. Ashen then turned to Jade.

"Good morning." Ashen said

Jade looked at him funny then returned his good morning

"(What the hell?)" Jade said to himself

"Alright! Alright! Class is now in session." Nara said entering the class with his attendance book.

"(Umm....what is this? Court?)" Ashen said to himself

Just before Nara began to take attendance, a loud slam was heard. Nara looked up and saw that Ashen had put his desk right next to Jade. Nara rolled his eyes and began taking attendance

"Um...Ashen...What are you....." Jade started before once again staring into Sessaru's silver eyes.

Sessaru smiled as he glared at Jade.

"Y...YOU!!" Jade yelled getting up.

"Hey!! You're interrupting class!" Nara said

"S..Sorry.." Jade said sitting back down looked at Sessaru who's eyes had returned to Ashen's original brown.

"(Am...I.....seeing things?..)" Jade muttered to himself before he was brought back to reality by Nara's voice mentioning Raijin's name

"Hmmm...Raijin's not here? Jade. Have you seen him?" Nara asked

"The last time I checked, he said he had something to ask some chick he saw." Jade said with a slick smile

Jade turned his attention back to Ashen who was now facing Nara listening.

"Is that really Sessaru..? There's nothing written saying that two souls can share one body...its not possible....." Jade said staring at Ashen hard



"What is a little girl doing here......is she lost?" Someone asked


"(Damn it....Damn it....DAMN IT!!!! WHY IS SCHOOL SO DAMN BIG!!!!)" Shin said to himself


"(And what the hell is everyone whispering about.....and these damn panties feel weird..")


"(STOP LAUGHING YOU JACKASSES!!)" Shin snapped shocking everyone

"(Damn....that Sessaru....I'll kill him for such trickery back there.....)"


During the lecture, Ashen and Jade exchanged words and pleasantries. Jade began staring at Ashen more intensely to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Once again, Ashen had his brown eyes. Ashen then turned to face him and his left eye was silver. Not brown. Just before Jade could say something, a image popped into his head. An image of a blade piercing his throat. Jade then screamed aloud startling everyone in the class. Sessaru smiled to himself then suddenly a piece of chalk flew his way smashing against the desk. Sessaru looked at Nara who was now frustrated

"(What did you do?)" Ashen asked

"(Its nothing....just a trick.)" Sessaru said giving Ashen control while he rested


Kareen was walking toward the school enjoying the good weather smiling about the good news of her lord being able to regain his former body when suddenly a object came flying her way. Kareen sensed it just in time enough to jump back and avoid it.

"So....it WAS you after all...." a voice said

Kareen look over to a tree where Raijin stood

"Do I know you?" Kareen asked

"No....but I know you.....Kareen....." he said with a smile

"And how do you know me...."

"Oh....a certain lady kept screaming "I must get to lady Kareen. I must get to lady Kareen." as I sliced her up bit by bit." Raijin said

"It..it was you that did that to Jessica...!" Kareen said angered

"Yes....for a scout, she wasn't very good....I mean....she literally fell into my lap coming out of the portal and after just a little torture, she instantly squealed about who she was trying to get to. Pathetic.." Raijin explain

Kareen bit her lip concealing her anger

"(So she didn't give up the information she received...good work girl....but this guy.....he's a...Rank C....no....possibly a Rank B demon...not good..)" Kareen said to herself

"I see...so you're the one who took down Jessica..she was a fine scout..." Kareen said removing her hair from her face

"Too bad she couldn't deliver her message. Huh?" Raijin said hopping down from the tree pulling out more scalpel-like weapons

"Yeah...." Kareen said backing away

"(Can I...? Nara.....I may have to use your power without your consent....)" Kareen said to herself as Raijin attacked at blinding speeds


The bell rang for lunch and the class dispersed. Ashen headed up to the roof as planned by Sessaru before he went to rest. Ashen sat beside a air vent and waited.

"(Alright...now what?)" Ashen asked

"(I'll take over...") Sessaru said switching with Ashen

"(You're not gonna kill him....are you...)" Ashen asked

"(Not at all. He was my lieutenant after all....") Sessaru said

"(But...those thoughts....)" Ashen said just before the roof door opened. Sessaru turned expecting Jade but got Shin instead.

Sessaru sighs

"Expecting someone?" Shin asked

"Why? Its none of your concern." Sessaru said

"I'm not gonna repeat to you why I'm here." Shin said

"I know I know.... To keep me under control right?"


Sessaru smiles

"What?" Shin asked

"Time to do your job." Sessaru said as Jade opened the door to the roof

Sessaru picked up Shin and tossed him off the roof setting his attention on Jade

"Sessaru....it really is you inside there.." Jade said

"Nice to meet you too...nice body. Looking good." Sessaru said

"My lord wishes to see you." Jade said

"Oh? And is there a reason why he can't come get me himself?"

"Why come do it himself when he has loyal retainers such as myself to do that for him."

"And I'm guessing that this "loyal retainer" believes he can take me on all by his lonesome?" Sessaru said with a smile

"Wanna try me?" Jade said

"Oh my...." Sessaru said


Nara sat in the teacher's lounge with a cup of coffee staring up at the ceiling as he could feel the demonic aura begin to stir on the roof

"After I told him not to get out of hand..." Nara said picking up a pen


Just as Jade began lunge at Sessaru, he felt arms wrap around neck

"You should really calm down." Sessaru said

"(When did he...?)" Jade said to himself as a gust of wind blew by finally catching up to Sessaru's speed. Jade kneeled down and rolled away. Sessaru just stood there.

"You bastard!" Jade said through clinched teeth


Shin climbs his way back onto the roof just as Jade and Sessaru were exchanging blows. Shin attacked. Sessaru grabbed Jade and set him in the way of Shin attack getting hit in his balls. Jade let out a loud scream as Sessaru dropped him to the ground

"Nice shot." Sessaru said

"That was meant for you you asshole!" Shin snapped.


Sessaru and Shin argued back and forth long enough for the bell to ring signalling that lunch was over.

Jade slowly got to his feet and Sessaru headed toward the door promising that he would leave it as is

"Hey Jade...lets play a game....." Sessaru said

Jade got up slowly

"You know how Nara gets when students are late for class right? You sorta end up like our friend Lawrence...." Sessaru said and before Shin or Jade could move, Sessaru suddenly appeared a few feet behind Jade with his back to him and his Surtanryu drawn. A look of shock came over Jade's face as he fell to the ground completely disconnected from the knees down. Jade grunted in pain sliding over to retrieve his legs.

"You should be able to connect them back together in 15 minutes with that body of yours....right?" Sessaru asked as he walked by Shin and Jade. Sessaru's katana dematerialized and he laughed out loud just before a loud explosion was heard followed by a extreme blast of demonic aura strong enough for Sessaru and Shin to be shocked.

"This aura....its....Nara's.....but how the...." Shin said. From out of nowhere, Nara ran by and leaped of the roof heading full speed toward the direction of the explosion.


Kareen's demonic aura flared out of control. Blood flowed from her mouth. Her clothes were shredded from Raijin's attacks exposing lots of cleavage. Veins began to strain and could be seen clealy through Kareen's arms and face. Her once clear blue eyes were now black and yellow from the out of control aura

Raijin stood stiff but was being blown back slowly by just the very wind of the demonic aura

"Where did this power come from?!" Raijin asked to himself

"I will.....I will...." Kareen said straining herself as memories of her fallen comrades filled her mind. A few tears escaped her eyes before Kareen once again regained focus at the task at hand.

"FOR JESSICA!!!" Kareen yelled attacking Raijin at full force.

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