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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chapter 24:

"So what do we need to talk about?" Ashen asked plopping on a kitchen chair.

"Well...(scratches head)

"What?" Ashen asked

"Never had to explain things like this before...hmmmm...Well...for starters. I would like to apologize for getting you involved in this." Nara said pulling up a seat across from Ashen

"Its fine." Ashen said

"If Sessaru hadn't had used your body as a host, you wouldn't be in the situation you're in now." Nara said

"Oh. You mean about being a demon? I can't really tell the difference. Besides. Being a demon seems like fun. I mean you get to smash things! Have brute strength! Its should be fun!" Ashen said

Nara sighs

"Its not as fun as you think kid. There always. ALWAYS someone or people trying to kill you either because you're stronger, know someone stronger or because they just plain don't like you." Nara explained


"I'll explain it to you since you're already one of us. Listen well. What do you think of the new students in class?" Nara asked

"They seem like ok kids. Nothing special." Ashen said

"Wrong! In fact, they're demons sent here for our heads. Jade. The one that sits next to you..is after Sessaru. He also is a demon." Nara said pouring a glass of milk

"What?" Ashen said

"Yup. Didn't even realize it.. If Jade could confirm that Sessaru was ACTUALLY inside you, you would have been dead a LONG time ago my friend." Nara said sitting back down.

"But you guy are lords of the demon realm! Can't you do something?!" Ashen said

"WERE lords. Remember. Its been over 700 years since we've been there. Certainly you don't believe that the demons would wait for us." Nara said

"But if you knew, why didn't you take them out?" Ashen asked

Nara sighs and knocks Ashen upside the head.

"Ouch!" Ashen said

"Remember. This is not my real body. That dimwit Roswell got one over on me. I can use strength but every time I do. This body becomes tight. It'll start to shred if I use too much. Kinda like today..." Nara said

"Today?" Ashen asked

"Never mind that. Anyway, I can handle anything up to a class C demon with no problem. Anything above that and well...you get the picture." Nara explained

"C class? What's that?" Ashen asked

Nara sighs again.(For the love of...)

"All demons are categorized depending on their speed, power, skill, and intelligence in the demon realm." Ta said walking into the kitchen

"Petty demons and scouts usually rank anywhere between a level 5 being the weakest and a level 1." Ta explained snatching the milk out of Nara's hand taking a sip.

"What's after Level 1" Ashen asked

"Then start the ranks. In essence of speed, power, skill, etc. The gap between Level 1 and Rank D is quite noticeable. Ranks D and C are usually.....let's see...in your human terms, they would be the commanders of small platoons or armies." Ta explained dodging Nara's attempt to take back his milk.

"So they're lieutenants?" Ashen asked

"That's correct." Nara said kicking Ta in the stomach causing him to drop to the floor. Nara took his milk back and started explaining again

"Sometimes even a Rank B might even a lieutenants but they are usually a boss or and cheif or commander in your terms." Nara said

"So a B rank demon must be pretty powerful.." Ashen said discouraged

"Ranks D through B are almost the same except for maybe a difference in speed or power. It gets pretty terrifying at the A Rank though. A..no....even B Rank demons are or should I say WERE forbidden from ever stepping on human ground. They're aura alone could change weather conditions, killing living being and cause instant death like spontaneous combustion to any human not strong enough to handle it." Nara explain sitting down again. He could see the fear in Ashen's eyes.

"Man up! You're a demon now. I won't allow your cowardice any more. Understand?" Nara said

"Yes sir!" Ashen said sitting straight up

"Good." Nara said

"Is there anything after A Rank?" Ashen asked


"What?" Ashen asked


"Weren't you paying attention in Mythology?" Nara asked

"No because at the time, I didn't believe in demons..." Ashen said

"Right.... anyway...above A Rank is S. S Rank demons are far beyond any other Level or Rank and needless to say, they are either Lords or familiars for a lord. Before you ask, The gap between a Level 1 and Rank D is nothing compared to the gap between a Rank A and S Rank. To be honest, It would take......10 A Rank demons to subdue 1 S Rank demon and at least 2 other s Ranks to subdue just 1." Nara explained

"No way.....and you guys are S Rank right?" Ashen asked.

"So you were paying attention." Nara said.

"Yeah. I just wanted you to explain to me." Ashen said with a smile before he was hit with a carton of milk

"Damn brat..." Nara said

"Nara..." Ashen said in a serious tone


"How many demons are currently in the school?" Ashen asked

"More than half.."

"And how many want you guys dead...."

"About half of that half... Shin, Ta, and Sessaru....well...you are safe because they're in fake bodies. Me....this is and exact replica of my real body so everyone who's anyone knows who I am." Nara explained


"Don't worry. Most of the demons are this city just want peace. I respect that. The demon realm is full of nothing but scheming and backstabbing. At least here, there's SOME peace." Nara said

"Thanks for telling me." Nara said

"No prob. You're letting us live here so its the least I can do in return." Nara said

"You must have been a pretty good ruler Nara. I thought of demons as scary. You guys don't seem too bad." Ashen said

"Don't be fooled. ALL demons are scary. We're different because we personally don't want any trouble." Nara explained heading for bed.

"Wait! Nara! One last thing!" Ashen said.

"Now what!?" Nara said

"Could you possibly break this seal on Sessaru? I personally don't think its right for him to miss out on all this." Ashen said


"I mean...I know its to protect me from all those tragic memories but who know when you're gonna get your bodies back." Ashen said

"And whatif he decides to take over your body for good?" Nara asked

"Do you honestly think he'd do that?" Ashen asked

Nara smiles and laughs to himself

"I suppose not......(sighs) he won't be too happy.." Nara said

Ashen laughs

"You'll deal with it somehow."

Nara claps his hands together twice. A burning sensation overcame Ashen for a while then it stopped.

"Thanks." Ashen said

"Yup." Nara replied then headed for the steps til suddenly, Nara found himself pinned to the wall by an angry Sessaru

"Hi. What's up Sessaru?" Nara said with a smile

"Don't you "what's up" me! What the hell is wrong with you? Sealing me away like that?" Sessaru complained tightening his grip

"Did I do that? I don't remember..." Nara said losing breath.

Sessaru released Nara.

"Its fine." he said

"Huh? You're not mad?" Nara asked

"Nope. I completely understand." Sessaru said heading to bed.



"Well..that's everyone. Hey! We're leaving the bodies to you." Shingi said to the head scientist.

"If there's any changes or if you find a suitable subjmect, contact me via scout. Understood?" Shear warned

"YES SIR!!" the scientists said

"Come on Roswell!" Kogamaru yelled

Roswell came through the door looking good as new.

"Alright alright!" he said rubbing his arm making sure it healed right.

"We're heading for our vacation spot. A beach in the human realm. We're ditch leave our real bodies here and switch to a human body. We're there to relax. Not fight." Shear said as they switched over to their human, high school student looking bodies.

"Looking good there Shear!" Kogamaru said

"Not too bad yourself." Shear said

They all turned to Roswell who's appearence hadn't changed except for he looked more human and his trool horns were gone.

"No ass for you!" Shear said

They all laughed out loud

"Whatever! JMust shut up!" Roswell said

They all laughed and walked through a portal leading to the human realm

The scientist pulled out his cell phone and dailed a number

"Yes? Its me. Our opportunity has arrived. I need a.....yes.....YES!? Perfect! We'll send the bodies there! Azure City was it? The bodies will be there in two days." The scientist said and hung up

"Hmm?" he said checking just outside his door

"Though I heard someone..."

After the scientist closed the door, a young lady took off hear invicibility cloak.

"That was close.." she said

"Gotta tell Kareen..!" she said and ran like a bat out of hell toward the exit


The next morning, Kareen, Aurora, Lust, and Silmeria made breakfast for their lords. Shin came over just for a taste of Aurora's cooking.

"Its good to have you back mi'lord." Aurora said handing Shin his breakfast

"You too." Silmeria said handing Sessaru his.

"Thanks." he said

"You girls have gotten better at cooking human food." Nara said

"Amelia has been teaching us." Kareen said


(Sessaru laughs evilly to himself)

Ta cringes and Nara glances over at Sessaru

"(That's not good....)" Ta said to himself sipping his tea

"Sessaru....what are you thinking...." Nara said eating a bagel

(Smiles) Nothing." Sessaru said taking a sip of orange juice


"That runt....I'll teach him...(laughs evilly) I'll make him wish he'd never been born......(laughs again) Oh Jade.....you've got another things comin..(snickers)

Nara sighs

"Just don't do anything to attract too much attention." Nara said

"Hmph." Sessaru said as he gets up and walked out the door

"Silmeria..." Nara said

"Oh no! I'm not getting in the way when he's like that. Surely you KNOW how he gets when he's like that." Silmeria said washing the dish Sessaru left


"Sorry. But Shin..." Nara said

"Yes?" he said at attention

"Could you just keep an eye on him? He tends to get carried away an we can't afford to draw too much attention to ourselves at the current moment." Nara said

"Leave it to me." Shin said grabbing his katana

"I'll teach that disrespctful curr a lesson in manners."

"Oh! And Shin."

"Yes mi'lord?"

"That goes for you too."

Shin puts his sword down and walks out the door

"Will this really be alright?" Ta asked

(Sighs) "One can only hope." Nara said as they too left for school

A little after they left, Kareen sat on the couch when suddenly she heard a crash outside. Kareen rushed outside only to see her scout on the ground in a pool of her own blood

"JESSICA!!" Kareen yelled going to her aid

Kareen held her up but the blood wouldn't stop flowing.

"K...Kareen.....the bodies....The...lords...bodies....." she muttered

"Yes?" Kareen said in tears

"Azure.....City.......two.......days.." she said before dying.

Kareen gritted her teeth

Aurora had come up behind her to consule her

"She did well.." Aurora said

"That she did..." Kareen said with a smile

Aurora and Kareen buried the body out back.

"I'm going to give this info to Nara. Aurora. Watch the house. I suspect that things are gonna get a little interesting." Kareen said and left the house."

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