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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

MOOD:Kinda Happy

School was ok.I had my Math test which was kinda easy.I still hafe to finish it tommorow though.I haven't gotten my Science test back yet, and speaking of Science.Sometime in April we will hafe to do a project.We will make our own machines and in groups.It's kinda cool.
And in English class we are also doing a project which is due tommorow.

I wen't to rent movies with my dad and brother.I decided to get, "The Grudge," because it was the only good thing there.

I wan't to give a realy big thanks to Karumicha for posting alot in my forum when she joined.The forum also got tons of new members.^_^
Click here to see a screenshots of how my YGO/Naruto forum looks like now.I was only able to get a screenshots that shows half of the forum, but if you would like to go see a better view of it then there's a link in my intro for you to go to my forum.

Welcome, watesafan and ladykagome309 to the Naruto Fan Club!


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