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Thursday, March 3, 2005


Nothing much happended today.I got an A- on my Science quiz, an C+ on one of my english tests, and an A on my math homework.I'm not gonna say what I got on my other english test though.Only 1-2 people passed it anyway lol.
In Science we did another experiment.One of them realy freaked me out.The teacher put in some sort of white thing in a small cup I don't remember it's name, and then some water and the cup also had a cover on top of it and in a few seconds it kinda exploded.Wich was funny because it scared the whole class lol.We did it like 3 times,and it was fun.
We also got our registration forms for the next grade we are sappose to be in next year.

When I came home I just slept for a bit, and I downloaded Naruto episode 124 and Yugioh GX episode 22 that just aired in Japan today.I still need to watch Naruto and get the screenshots for my YGO/Naruto site.

Welcome, timetravelingkoga, sakuraharunochan, and Taki to the Naruto Fan Club.

Hope you all had a good day.


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