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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

DATE/TIME:9:26pm, Tuesday
MOOD: Kinda mad

I had my two english tests today.They were kinda easy.We got to correct the Science quiz we took last week.I still don't know what I got on it though.
Reading class was kinda fun.We were rewieving for our test on Thursday, and some of the boys were giving alot of weird answers to the questions the teacher was asking.

When I came home I asked my dad why the satelite wasn't working, and he said he turned it off because of the grades I got in school a few days ago.>.<
But to bad I was smart enough to figure out how to turn it back on.He can't out smart me that easily lol.^,^
We are sappose to get our report cards this week, but I usualy never show my parents the report cards unless I like them lol.

Sorry if I didn't get to all of your sites today.I had math homework and some studying to do for my upcoming tests.I might visit all of you today.

Welcome, Mizz Kizara, Otemba, and beyblader to the Naruto Fan Club!


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