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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

TIME/DATE: Monday 9:57pm
MOOD: Tired

Sorry if I didn't get to all of your sites over the weekend.Hopefuly I'll get to visit you all soon.

It snowed alot yesterday and today.In school we did something fun in music.I have 2 english tests today and a reading one on Thursday, and a science test on Monday.-_-So I might be pritty bussy for the next couple of days.

I'am now a forum moderator on one of my fav. Yugioh sites.I use to be just a staff member there but not anymore.^o^

Welcome, Baka Brooke and Yuukichan to the Naruto Fan Club!
I also made 2 new Itachi buttons for the Naruto club.They are below this post.~_^

Hope you all had a good day.


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