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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Thanks to Ishimaru for this pic.^o^

Thanks for all of the sweet comments yesterday, and I think I got to all of your sites too.

Well nothing interesting happened today.School was boring.I'm gonna have a science quiz today and some tests in a few weeks.

The Naruto Fan Club has an affiliates now.It's the Hyuuga Clan.Thanks to Dark Phoenix for thinking of this great idea.
So if you have an Naruto or another anime club, then send me a PM with a 50x50 button of your clan for me to link to your site and you must do thesame for me.^_^

Welcome, Steptoussai, Kaito-Kid, and Ghost Xi to the Naruto Fan Club.
And welcome, Kaito-Kid to the Hyuuga Clan!

This is all for now.


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