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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Nothing much happened today.I watched some animes and made some graphics and stuff.

I submitted some new wallpapers and e-cards, so feel free to check them out sometime.

I'm having some trouble picking my next site theme so I'm gonna let you guys pick.
Here are your choices.

1.Naruto and Sasuke

Yes, they all are from Naruto, because I'm still in a Naruto mood.^o^

Also, Inuyasha311 is hoolding a contest so please go and vote for me in it if you wan't, and I realy will appreciate it.

I also found out that Milkycat left MyO.She woen't be posting anymore art or updating on her site.I'll realy miss her.

And I'll leave you all with some sigs I made, and one of them is for Milky, enjoy!

For Milkycat:


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