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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day!

I don't know if we're doing anything in school today for valentines day, because the teachers didn't tell us anything.

Well yesterday I didn't do much.I was on the computer for most of the day.And I did send some people valentines day cards.For some people I sent them their valentines day cards through email and for some I left the url to the card in your comment box, because you didn't have your email adress on your site.
And if you got v-day cards for me then email them to me, because you woen't be able to send them to me through PM's anymore.My inbox is full, and I'm not deleting them this time, because I don't like PM's anymore, and I said why alot of times already.

Here are some cards I already got from some people.I don't remember who you all were, but thanks for all the cards.

If I get more, I'll probably just add them to this post.^_^

Oh and thanks, Sai for this award!

Happy Valentines Dat everyone!


EDIT: New wallpapers are finnaly up.Hope you all like them.^_^

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