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Friday, February 4, 2005

Kinda feeling better...

Thanks, GrayUndies for this wonderful card.^_^

Thanks for all of the sweet comments yesterday.I'am kinda starting to feel better.I think it was thanks to something my dad gave me to drink, wich was kinda nasty, but alteast it's helping.I did get to stay home from school, but I'll probably get tons of homework tommorow.-_-

YGO GX Ep. 18: VS Yugi's Deck! Part 1

To bad Yugi wasn't in this ep, but alot of his monsters sure were.
Click here for more screenshots of the ep.^^

Everyone around here seems to be doing a Valentines Day theme, so I decided to do a gundam seed valentines day theme, enjoy!and I'll leave you with a GS pic.^_^


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