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Monday, May 22, 2006

im back...

Happy Victoria Day everybody! i know that most of u thought i was gone and won't post for a good while, but to me, i just had some stuff to get off my back. I'm sorry for making some lame excuses about school and things but, if i ever do something as crazy as quitting again, would it kill ya to say something? i call take critisisim (dunno if i spelt that right O.o) anyways im getting my sis to help me out with some stuff around my site so i can put the next theme that will be alot better than my other's because i did some crappy attempt at the last minute. so please i ask you once again to tell your friends saying i'm back again... btw, i had a great time at chicago even though our coach buss broke down for 6 hours and we didn't get to the hotel until 2 am in the morning, but i have to things to look forward to. 1. Going to Anime North! and 2. i'm hoping that more people will come since shippo-souten decided to revive my site. Well, i'll see ya later everybody,
~peace out.

"The only thing you can depend on in the future is uncertainty for that depend on no one"

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