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Thursday, March 23, 2006

hey everyone. i dont really have much time to talk cause im at school posting. im having a really bad week and it all has to do with my mp3 player. cause if i don't hear my music during one of the most boringest class ever, ill go crazy. recently my recharble batteries died so now i have to go back to buying durecel batteries every 2-3 weeks, then my headphones that came with the mp3 player broke on me. that made me even more mad. but the good thing is, i went to our nearest convience store and purchase a new one for a lousy price of 5 bucks. The thing is that got me pissed is that the sound is not as cool as it used to be and 1 earplug broke a while back, and just now, my second one broke so i have no money and no music which = a very pissed off guy.... well, sorry about my rant but im tired and im going for lunch soon.... well i hope next week will look up for me so i can actually purchase another one of those crap headphones from maxwell since my allowence is only 5 bucks a week... so ya, and as soon as i get home, i need to catch up on my megatokyo reading. that pretty sums up my day for today. well sooner or later ill get around to working on a new theme thats not crap-tacular like this one. see ya later ppls!
~peace out.

"The only thing you can depend on in the future is uncertainty for that depend on no one"

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