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Sunday, March 19, 2006

hey everyone, im kinda on/off myo because i have soo much to do, like being bombarded with homework and studying for my literacy test which is coming up in a week or two. well, im going to try as hard as i can to post at least every other day and theres not that much for me to say, except that my march break is over, im really pissed that ochimaru's voiced dubbed makes him sound like a girl and that i have to do my homework now, so see you all on tuesday!
~peace out

Hahaha hey everyone Umm this is Tiffi. I'm going to be using carl's account to due some stuff so don't be scared. It will look different but its not his hahah. Thanks

"The only thing you can depend on in the future is uncertainty for that depend on no one"

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