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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Hello everyone. im kinda on and off of myo and i dont know wut to do, i have to say that i am fed up with this bleach theme because i know that not that much people like it, personally, i am discusted at my self from making a theme at the last moment, and i was too hasty, from now on, i make a promise, to take my time for my themes so that it can be more enjoyable to the myo community, even if u guys didnt heard of me before!i really dont want my rank to drop so im going to focus to restore my site and the people who come here and comment on it! also, ive noticed that my mwu la flaga club was a complete and total failure, maybe i cant handle that much of a responsiblity of making a club. ill be officialy dibanding it, so no one will know that this ever existed.....well, i'll start visting more sites ofen so pls, tell ur ppls that sesshomau is back and made an oath to post more often again, thank to all who took their time to read this post, c ya tomorrow!
~peace out

"The only thing you can depend on in the future is uncertainty for that depend on no one"

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