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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hello everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! well, im back and as you can see, my site has changed a little bit, i didnt really do this theme properly for bleach, but it will serve as a temporary theme as soon as i can come up with some better images and such, well i wanna say, thank you to all that gave me a christmas card when they knew i was away from myotaku. I got a mp3 player for christmas and im so happy, but i knew that i was going to get it.
I have a new song for bleach, its asterix but i can't really find the site for the original version but o well.
well im post the cards that i recieved but i wanna say, thanks again!!
This one is from Queen of Anime

Another from kagomemom

The Third from chihiro7

Finally, the last one from swtanimechick

I want all of you to go to their site and wish them a merry christmas! well Bye all!
~peace out

"The only thing you can depend on in the future is uncertainty for that depend on no one"

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