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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   -pokes head out from under rock-:O
Hello...? Does anyone still even have me on their friends...?XD It's been so freaking long since I last posted...:/ No ones probably reading this anyway xD But if you are..hi?lol

well, in the past 4-5 months, I've dyed my hair quite a few times...lol Right now it's like, a plum/magenta..haha. before it was red, then black..so yea..lol

how are you people? I havnt been on her in forever :S has the whole fighting over fan-characters dyed down yet..?lol is there still a lot of spamming going on..?:l if so, I dont care. just curious...:S well, imma go. i'll think about posting more if i want. bye~óż

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

uh yea:p hi. haha. sorry i havnt gotten to anyone's site...but yea, i came to say, that im gonna leave the otaku for a while...it's not as fun as it used to be..:P and yea. lol i might be back when school starts back up, maybe , i dunno...cause i got an account on Deviantart, and have been on that more and more:p i'll still be on her occasionaly to check pm's and stuff, but yea, otherwise, im gonna be gone for a while, well, have a nice day:]
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Friday, July 20, 2007

i cant sleep D: so sad... my whole sleeping schegule is off D: and i cant spell.XD so, how are you people???:O if you didnt read the last post, LEAVE ME A COMMENT ON MY VOICE THING ABOVE;D its the awesomiest thing eva. ahah. and you hear my n00bish voice.XD

anywayyyy bored. if you wanna leave a comment, click permalink then comments. :P see you guys later<3

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sup people?lol Omg, if you didnt notice, I have some message box thing right above this post.XD listen to it, casue then you can hear my ANNOYING VOICE;D haha. Can some of you leave me a comment on it??:o all you got to do is dial the phone number and leave a message on the phone. Please? i'll love you guys forever.XDXDXD

Anyway, how are all of you..? I think I may be hyper..:P I've had nothing to do latly.lol Sorry i'm really bad at getting to sites.XD Omg, I just got back into this game called Animal Crossing. have any of you ever played it?;o its addictve..lol

Well, hmm. omg, oh yea. I had the wierdest dream the other night.XDXDXD I went on a rode trip with Kakuzu and Hidan. LOL it was awesome. XD

well, talk to you guys later! bye!
p.s. if you cant leave a comment, click permalink and i think that'll let you leave one:)

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

   Hello people:)
It's been a while since I last updated...So, how are all of you doing today?:o My summer has flown by so far and I dun like it D: everything seems to be in fast forward. Before I know it, summer's gonna be over!~D: that sucks..haha

Hmm, oh yea. I got one of those banner things.XD I have a shirt that says that and I just think it's funny.hehe.

Anywayyyyy. What else to say?:o Well, how has your summer been guys? Havn't talked to some of you in a while. Oh, and dont worry, I'm getting to all the sites that updated today!:D Cuase I'm usally to lazy to otherwise..D: -gets stabbed- hehe...

Well, I hope you guys have a nice day~ bye.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hey guys, whats up? Tommorow is my last day of school.whoo.hah, Yea...also, i've been thinking about it..And I'm gonna leave the O for awhile. I'll be back in a few weeks, I just wanna relax and smooth some stuff that's been going on out. So, yea. That's all I have to really say, sorry guys:P I promise I'll be back in a few weeks:) have a nice day~
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Friday, June 1, 2007

Sorry guys:P I like, havn't been on, in like, FOREVER.lol School is pretty hectic at the end of the year... So, how are you guys? I really dont have much to say today... Except, we have like one and a half weeks left of school:) So yea.lol Also, sorry I didnt' get to ANYONES site. Like, I went to know ones.. When I got on, I only cheacked my pm box and got off..sorry about that:P lol, so, I'm gonna go now. Have a nice day you guys:)
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

   Omg, lol
I saw that subsatute teacher that acted gay before again!XD He's so cool...:3 Today he was acting to be like, one of those scarry girly girls going, "O-M-G, like, toatally!!! Dont' go there girlfriend!" and I was laughing again...god, he makes a day a hella lot better. Specally when I got in trouble non-stop today.lol

First, we have wood shop class and yesterday the teach wasnt there. But that didn't concern me cause I was in my chorus class,(which takes place the period I had wood shop) and today he was yelling at all of us because the sub left a bad report on us. God, I coulda like, peed my pantsXD He's reallllly scarry when he screams...

Second, in social studies, are teacher is just plain out mean to begin with. So, we all were in the class room and she storms in and goes, "What are you all doing in here?!?! There's no adult in here, is there? Thats it! An extra home work assighnemnt." and the home work thing was a paragraph on why we shouln't be in the class room with no adult around. So, I forgot half the reasons why and just wrote the same thing over and over...lol

And now I'm finally at home, doing nothing. Lol oh, and I heard this song called, "Let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel." and it made me laugh SOOOO hard.lol So, I went and got the most POINTLESS songs EVER made.lol I only got a few, but seriously, you gotta listen to them!lol

That's called Milk and Cereal.lol

Lol, and thats all I have for you people. Lol and you need to listen to those songs:P they just make me giggle.hhaaa. And for some reason I feel like shit but I'm perfectly happy:) lol How does that work? well, see you people around!~

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

I dont wanna post but I gotta cause it's been like a week since I did:P I got a shirt on Satruday last week that says, "WILL WORK FOR ANIME." haha. There was a sub at our school and he thought my shirt rocked:D

And I think he's cool cause one time my friend has a crush on this one guy named Sam. So one day when he had that guy as a teacher, my friend goes: "OMG, I SAW SAM!!;D" and the teacher went in a really gay voice; "Omg, who's sam/?? ...Is he dreamy??" we could of died cause it was so freaknig funnyXDXDXD

Well, that was my interesting week:P oh yea. I posted a picture of myself! LE GASP.LOL If you wanna see it, here:

OMG ITS MEEEElol by ~Xxzomgcheri00sxX on deviantART

I hope that works:P okay. see you all later!~

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

   RAWR! I've been tagged:P
I've been tagged:P by Sergeant Tickels!D: Oh well, might as well get this over with. Oh yea, and the people I tag, you have to tell 6 things about youself.

1. A lot of people tell me that I am extreamly nice, but I think that's totally not true. And my mother calls me the modest person ever, and I think tah'ts no not true either.
2. I got into yaoi at age 9. Now you must all think I'm a super perveXDXD but it was cause I had an obsession with Bankotsu from Inuyasha, and had found a BanxJak site and fell inlove:P but I didn't get into the hard core stuff until I was 12:P which would of been a year ago.lol
3. I HATE people that LOVE my drawings. Not you guys, but people at my school. Cause I'll draw something when I have free time and they'll go, "ZOMG, YOU HAVE TO DRAW ME A DRAWING!! YOUR SOOOO GOOD! TEACH ME!!!!!!" And I kindly reply, "I'd love to draw you a drawing, but I don't think I can teach you. I've been drawing since I was three. It takes practice," and they reply, "NOO!! YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME! I SO CAN DRAW LIKE THAT IF YOU TEACH ME!" Which is not true cause I've tried and all the kids get all pissed at me saying, "HOw come I can't draw as good as you????" and I jsut sigh and walk away.
4. I'd die for my freinds. Even if I hardly new the person, I'd take a bullet.
5. I act like I'm PMS'ing if I don't listen to ATLEAST 20 minutes of music a day. lol
6. I go to therapy.haha it's cause my mom thinks I need someone to talk too cause all the people I care for keep dieing,(example: all my grandparent, my mother almost died in the hospital, my father smokes and is having health problems, and my doggy:P)
7. I know theres only supposed to be six, but I just have one more thing to say, I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, steriotypes and labels.

Well, that was my post:P I'm gonnna go now cause I'm going to the mall later. Oh yea, and I tag, Necury, MyAnimeWorld(i forget teh numbers:P) MissMurder22, Simpleplanluver, and BloodWolf Moria. I think that's how you spell you guys's names.lol

Well, see you guys later!~ -hugs all-

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