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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

   Pshhh, Wednesday.....
Mood: Annoyed, sick.

Grrrr, as though it seems now that I have a slight chance of not getting my internet returned tomorrow...
I'm sick of waiting! It has been a month since I've had it last...
My mother has not been to work in the past 3 weeks, and now her checks are low and the bills we have to pay are stacking higher.
I wish I could help, but being a lazy 15 year old, theres not much I can do. (Getting a job right now will be totally IMPOSSIBLE, seeing as I'm not very talented at doing anything but sitting at the computer all day...)

Well, I hope it gets turned on...I can finally re-do this layout, as well as the layouts on my Xanga and MySpace...I really wish I could get to them from this gay school computer...but NO, they had to have a stupid firewall. Nya...

Well, enough of my bickering and constant complaining...(Not having a good day, can you tell?) I guess I have to continue working on my presentation & essay on Japan...

[and I will see that I visit most of your sites when my internet is returned...much <3]

Until then...

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

   School sucks. -_-
Mood: Bored, tired

Well, I just got done reading my new Full Moon wo Sagashite manga...I love it! Its my new fav manga series! :]

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Monday, December 5, 2005

   So bored...
Mood: Happy, yet sad...

Blah, internet is STILL off! -_- I hate being poor.

So, once again I'm stuck at school. No ones on AIM, no ones on MSN...its sooo BORING...-_-U

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

   Happy Thanksgiving!
Mood: Sleepy...
Music: *none*

Okay, so Thanksgiving isn`t until tomorrow, oh well! I can`t wait to eat, eat, EAT! ^^

Well, today I'm sooo tired. I've been going to bed REALLY early for some strange reason. :/

Well, I must be going (Yes, I'm in Internet Tech class once again).

Happy Thanksgiving all! ^_^

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Mood: Tired..-.-zZzZz
Music: *non*

Bleh..stuck in Inernet Tech, once again. =/
I have to do this retarded powerpoint on Boxing. Why the hell boxing?! The damn teacher could of gave me a better topic than BOXING! God! I can`t wait for this day to be over already. =/

Bleh...I'm really sleepy. I was supposed to wake up at 5 this morning...but I oddly remember pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock...but then, I dont remember getting up...I guess I fell back asleep and didn`t know it. Oh well...

Well, I better get back to doing my stupid presentation powerpoint thing. =/

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   Internet Tech Class is so effing boring...
Mood: Happy, content, tired
Music: *none*

Well, hey everyone! I'm at school in Internet Tech class and its booooooring. Xanga and MySpace are blocked so I cant go on them. I cant go on the chat, either. That sucks...well...yeah...I'm so damn bored....This class would be alot funner if it would let me on myspace, xanga, or the chat....:/

Gtg now...

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Friday, October 21, 2005

   I'm dying inside...literally.

Mood: Sad; sleepy

Music: Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira

Okay...well. I got to school and then I didnt feel well. So I called home and asked my gramma if I cud get a ride home. She said that either my mom or aunt will come up and get me. My aunt came up, got me, and then took me to McDonalds since I didnt have anything to eat for a while and I was starving.

Once I got home my mom told me she was taking me to the doctors to see what these pains in my side were that I was having since late Saturday night. I went and they asked me what was going on and stuff. Theyn they made me go to the hospital and get an ultrasound(NO I'm NOT pregnant -.-U) Well, they did the ultra sound of my appendix and pelvis region. And wow, come to find out I have a 6 1/2 centimeter cyst on my right ovary! A normal ovary size is around 3 centimeters, so the cyst hanging off of it is over twice its size. Wow, and how glorius to find out that this ALSO runs in my family! -.-U

This happened to my gramma too when she was younger, and she had to have the whole ovary removed. I actually just think they shud remove mine. I always wanted to get some sort of surgery and stay in the hospital. Off subject, anyways...Then we wated the results back from the ultra sound. They said it was a pretty big cyst. Then they wanted to check the blood flow, so they pretty much gave me another ultra sound. I swear, I was being treated like a pregnant woman. -.-U.

Then they say that they have to give me a pregnancy test! Me and my mom were like 'what the hell!?' and my mom told the nurse 'my kid never leaves the house unless for school, i mean c`mon. And she knows I wud kill her if she got pregnant'. Blah, I felt so embarassed for some reason.

Now, All I have to do is take some kind of alieve. If that don`t work, then Monday I have to go get put on birth control. -.-U

Well, I got to miss most of school today and I get to miss school tomorrow. Oh yeah, and my little mini party is re-scheduled now! No, my wine coolers! DX

No school today. Weee. I woke up and got on the chat and Seen Eiyuu (Meh husband/boyfreind) Was on...Yeah...he's changed alot since the last time I've seen him. What triggered the change, I'm not sure. But I dun like it...he seemed to have been slight...psychotic. And well...when he left he didn`t even say bye to me....><;;

I've gone through plenty of mishaphs with him...I'll just keep my mouth shut and not say a word. I only feel like my insecurities bug him.


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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Happy belated Sweetest Day!
Mood: Content
Music: *none*

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Hello all! Once again, I'm a little late on posting...But I promise I will be posting more often!

Nya...I haven`t been watching InuYasha lately because of school. -.-U

I re-did my layout. -^_^-
Hope you like it!

Umm...I see you all have some pretty fascinating layouts for your MyO's...I'm just gunna keep my plain & simple for now...Until I learn how to make those really awsum ones you guys have been making.

Anyways, GtG.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   Wow, long time no write!
Mood: Some-what happy.
Music: Memorial Address by Ayumi Hamasaki

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Wow!! O_O I havent updated for almost 2 months! Dizamn! Well, this is just a quick update. I'm still on that chat XD

The site is www.inuyashajourney.com But its down right now so ya you wont be able to get in till its back up.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BANKOTSU *glomps him*
Mood: Tired, crappy, yet happy.
Music: Rakuen by DAI
Time of post: 2:08 a.m.

Well, I will go to sites and answer PMs later. I am not in the mood right now. I am rather crappy yet happy. Rhyming day, eh?
Well, last weekends Inuyasha rocked my socks. BANKOTSU YAY HIS VOICE WAS SOOOO HOTT I WAS LIKE OMFG ITS SEXY!! And now I'm an official Bankotsu fan girl, as well as a Jakotsu fan girl. Hes just too kawaii ^.^
I was on this site and in their chat room (an inuyasha chat room) I am apart of the Shichinin-tai (evil laugh) I am Bankotsu's Wife and I have one kid, but so many more just keep popping up o.o;;;
Oh, and the two Jakotsus on there love me LOL they glomped me like 10 times. One tackled me and ate my pocky. I am the cool pocky woman now LOL I feel so loved on there xD
And one of the Jakotsus is like 'If i turn straight, will you marry me?' xD I was really surprised. Well, gtg.

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