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Is who I am. Is what I love. And what I’ve realized I’ve been, sort of all my life.
Can’t wait to make my next costume. N hey I guess while I’m on here better find sum steampunk anime. If there isn’t one, perhaps I shall create one. Or, at least draw a few characters.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


So i've become obsessed with youtube, and Tabby, because I've really been reminded of who I am. The internet is where I expressed myself the most, when I was 12-16 ish, on myOtaku. And whenever I look back at my old posts, they're frickin HILARIOUS! and it reminds me of why I bought a camcorder in the first place, to record my craziness!

I really just love to make myself and others laugh. I am shy otherwise, and don't rly know how to make conversation but I can do something random or funny so idk. Thats who i am and what makes me happy. also...

shes a lil 2yr old as i like to say.
shes SCRUMPTIOUS! yes. I love her, shes perfect for me n she dances wif mee n accepts me for my weirdness :3

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