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Friday, January 30, 2004

There's a HUGE tournament in the UK in April

Absolution 2004


People attending from all over the world O_O

I've been really busy recently in persuading the Italians to come down since everyone wants to play then lol, they are very good at Tekken Tag, some of their players are the best in the world at that game and I finally managed to get them to attend, so far 6 Italians have confirmed that they will attend while another 8 Italians are good possibilities.

From Japan we have some 2D legends attending, namely non other than Ino himself who is Capcom vs Snk 2 world champion

From France we have Dan the Nightmare, who is Soul Calibur 2 world champion

Not to mention many more french SC2 and Street Fighter players attending as well O_O

People from all over Europe, Asia and even the US are attending! This is the biggest tournament in Europe in the last 3 years! :o

Of course, I will be there also and show them all how tekken 4 should really be played, my showdown with the koreans is drawing near (I had a showdown with last years euro t4 champ who hailed from spain (I couldn't attend the tourney then :( ) a few months ago and after many matches I emerged victorious

Oh yeah, the coolest part of the tournament is the aftermath, everything is being recorded and will be sold as an Absolution 2k3 DVD box set (as was Evolution 2003 in US) not only does this highlight many matches but it also has many interviews with top players (so expect to see me interviewed ;) ) and you even get to choose your own "dvd player style" in other words, what the box set and the dvd sticker looks like, you can have a picture of any of the top players on them (so choose me ;) )

thats all I have time for today, see ya!


Friday, January 9, 2004

I finally got around to watching LotR: Return of the King last night, the cinema was surprisingly empty which was a good thing because I don't like it when the cinema is packed. What did I think of the film? It was great of course, my favourite of the 3 LotR movies, I loved every minute of it ^_^

Today I'm watching The Last Samurai, and I've heard nothing but good things about it so I have pretty high expectations already, although I always thought Tom Cruise with a beard looks a bit odd, lol

I've been playing YGO: Stairway to the Destined Duel a lot this past few weeks, it's just too damn addictive, I think I'll post my deck on OB soon to see what others think but the game is definately the best YGO game out there at the moment.

I'll update you guys on my boring little old life later, time for some breakfast!


Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Finally got a chance to go on the pc and update you guys on whats been happening with my life, I know its late but I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you all had a great Christmas (Santa left me some charcoal, I wonder what that means ^_^;) now I'll try to tell you whats happened since I last posted

1. Entered a huge Euro Tekken 4 tournament in London

2. Went out on New Year's Eve

3. Moved house

4. Watched paint dry (definately the most interesting!)

Regarding the Tekken 4 tournament, it had 150 participants, and the favourite to win was out of me and this guy who came all the way from Spain to the UK called Shiba (my nick at these tournaments is Veggy in case I did not mention this before) and we even battled at the semi final's. Unfortunately I chose the wrong character and lost (chose Lee instead of Jin, I'm an idiot) and he chose Jin, he beat me and went on to winning first place, afterwards we had a challenge which had a LOT of people watching O_O

Almost every match was recorded on memory card and people were recording them with their camcorders, you get nervous at first but get used to it afterwards, heh. We were supposed to have a first to 26 wins challenge but had to be stopped because it was like 1am and the place was supposed to be closed already, so much to everyone's disappointment we had to stop when it was getting exciting and nearing the end (I believe the score at this point was 22-18 to me, and was Jin vs Jin from beginning to end)

New Year's Eve was fun from what I can remember heh, went out on the town with friend's and did some crazy stuff which I can't remember very well now

I have also moved house! I now live in London O_O The big city itself, which is the main reason why I have been away from the internet for so long, there is even a small park close by which is great because I like to do my roadwork for my boxing there ^_^

Finally, I watched paint dry, literally! Painted the new flat interior and I actually watched paint dry, try it sometime, you get a lot of much needed thinking done!

I would like to finish this with a great quote, but I can't think of any, so instead I'll say this




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