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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

   Story ch1 and 2 are finally up!!
Sorry it took so long to get chapters 1+2 up but u'll see that it was all worth it in the end...

Charmed (rewritten)

Ch1: The Awakening

It was a dark and rainy night as spottedleaf and her date Jeremy were sitting down to eat their meal and after they ordered they began to talk. “So…how are your brothers…(what were their names again?)? Seph and Zitfish?” Jeremy asked. “Their fine…Zitfish keeps losing the remote to the T.V. but other tan that everything is fine.” Spottedleaf replied. Just then their food came and they began to dine delightfully.
“Seph, have you seen the remote at all?” Zitfish yelled up the stairs. “No, I haven’t!” I yelled down the stairs. “What are you doing up stairs?” Zitfish asked. “I’m looking through the stuff in some trunk!” I replied. “Good luck with that!” Zitfish exclaimed. “Sometimes I wonder if he has a brain at all or just pretends to have one.” I thought in my head. I went back to looking through the trunk. Then I came upon a mysterious book with our family crest on the cover. I took it out and opened to the first page. “The book of shadows!” I whispered. I turned the page and read aloud… “A Spell for invoking
the power of three

Hear now the words
of the witches
The secrets we hid
in the night.
The oldest of gods
are invoked here
The great work of
magic is sought.
... In this night and
in this hour
We call upon the
ancient power.

Bring your powers to us witches three!
We want the power! Give us the power!
We want the power. Give us the power.” Suddenly the storm grew worse and the whole house began to shake. Light erupted from the book and took on the shape of three separate orbs. One orb flew into my body and I was immediately surrounded by a white aura. Another orb flew into Zitfish’s body and the same thing happened. Just as Zitfish hit the peak of his aura glow, spottedleaf walked through the door and the exact same thing happened to her that had happened to zitfish and I. As soon as we each were on the ground…we passed out. But little did we know; our lives were about to change forever!
Ch2: The first spell of the Charmed ones!

The next morning we awoke in the spots we had each passed out in. I was the first to wake up so…I walked down stairs and I helped Zitfish up. “Hey, are you okay?” I asked as I helped him up. “Ugh……what happened last night?” He asked. “I don’t know but, whatever it was…it wasn’t fun…not from my point of view anyway.” I said. Zitfish stood up and we both went to wake up Spottedleaf. “Where am I?” Spottedleaf asked as she stood up and looked around. “Ugh…anyone for breakfast?” I asked as I headed into the kitchen. “No thanks, I’m heading over to Quake to meet with Jeremy!” spottedleaf exclaimed as she walked out the door. “Well, do you want any breakfast?” I asked looking at Zitfish. “Uhh…um… sure?” Zitfish asked unsure. “You don’t trust my cooking do you?” I asked. “No, not all that much.” He replied “I really resent that!” I said angrily as I marched into the kitchen.

“Because of you I never stray to far from the sidewalk. Because of you I’ll learn to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt.” Spottedleaf sang with the radio. She pulled up into the Quake parking lot and went inside. She spotted Jeremy and went over to his table. “What took you so long? Why are you wearing the same clothes you wore last night?” He asked. “Well, I passed out after so white orb flew into my body after my brother read some spell out of a book he found.” Spottedleaf replied. “How did I know that?” Spottedleaf thought thoroughly creeped out. “so, he said some spell out of a book…correct?” Jeremy said as his arm reached for a knife without Spottedleaf noticing. “Yes…and they both got hit with separate orbs.” Spottedleaf said. Suddenly Jeremy lunged at Spottedleaf and tried to stab her with a knife. She jumped out of the way in the knick of time and ran screaming out the door. “I’ll get you one day and your little brothers too!” Jeremy screamed after her. Spottedleaf ran to her car, jumped in (literally) and drove away like a maniac.
When she got back to the house she immediately ran in screaming her head off! “Seph! Zitfish!” She screamed. We both came running in. “What’s wrong!” I screamed. “Jeremy just tried to kill me!” She screamed in fright. We both stood there with fear and shock on our faces. “What are we going to do?” She exclaimed. “Well, we could…no…you guy’s don’t know about that…or do you?” I said. “Know about what?” Spottedleaf asked. “The book I found in the trunk that belonged to Grams.” I answered. “Do you mean the Book Of Shadows?” Spottedleaf asked. “Yeah,…wait…when did you go into the attic last?” I asked. “I haven’t gone up their for a while now.” Spottedleaf said. “Well, then how did you know about the Book?” I asked. “I don’t know. I just did.” She replied. An awkward silence passed by which lasted for like 5 min. “Anyhow…in the Book…did it say anything about how to get rid of a…” Spottedleaf started to ask. “…a…warlock?” I asked. She nodded her head in a slow manner. We ran upstairs and into the attic.
I ran in first and got the book out of the trunk. I ran to the table and opened the book. “Alright…we need eight candles in a circle! I think I saw some in the trunk…here they are!” I exclaimed. I set them in a circle and got a pot shaped like a tri circle. (a.k.a. )
“Why do you need that?” Zitfish asked. “For the spell! The book said to put a clay doll in here and to put a rose in it to destroy any love that you may feel for him…or vice versa.” I said looking at Spottedleaf even though she wasn’t the one who had asked the question. “Alright then,… GIMME!” Spottedleaf exclaimed as she yanked the pot, clay doll, and the rose out of my hands. She put the pot down, put the rose into the doll, and threw it into the pot. The pot began to smoke almost instantly and a mini explosion erupted from the pot, which made us all nearly jump out of our skins. “Okay, the spell is complete.” I said. I grabbed the pot while Zitfish and Spottedleaf made for the door.
As soon as I had touched the pot a had a flash of Jeremy still making his way here! “uh…! The spell didn’t work!” I said as I started flipping through the book again. “What do you mean it didn’t work?” Spottedleaf asked in fear. “I mean I just had a…” I said as I stopped flipping through the book. “…A premonition of Jeremy…he’s still coming!” I exclaimed. “What’s a…” Zitfish started to say. “A premonition is a vision of the past and/or future.” I said as I walked towards them.
“I think we’ve got powers…and their growing!” I said as I ran down stairs. The other two followed as quickly as they could. I ran to the door but Zitfish opened it before I could. “Come on we have to…” He started to say before both Spottedleaf and I screamed! Zitfish turned only to see Jeremy’s evil, cold, and deathly stare. He slowly backed up and I whispered in his ear… “Squint at him. He should fly back because you have the power of telekinesis.”
Zitfish didn’t argue and did exactly what he was told. As soon as he squinted at Jeremy, he was immediately thrown against the wall! (Jeremy, NOT Zitfish) “You two…go on and run upstairs!” Zitfish said as he threw Jeremy against the wall again. “What about you?!?!” Spottedleaf said. “I’ll get up there as soon as I can.” He responded. We ran up the stairs as Zitfish had said. He ran up as soon as we were in the attic. “Hurry stuff things in front of the door!” He screamed as he ran in and Spottedleaf closed the door behind him. We stacked a dresser, chair, and a big mirror/dresser thing. “You think that any of this stuff can stop me?” Jeremy yelled through the door. Suddenly all of the stuff was thrown aside and Jeremy entered the room with a fireball in his hand! He threw the fireball at us and we were surrounded by a ring of fire! “Remember the inscription on the 1st page of the book?” I asked. “The power of three will set us free?” Spottedleaf asked. “Yeah, let’s try saying it and see what happens!” I said as we each held each others hands.
The power of three
will set us free!

The power of three
will set us free!

The power of three
will set us free!

Suddenly Jeremy blew up with such force we had to look away and wait 5-10 sec before we looked around. Spottedleaf and I threw our hair out of our faces as Zitfish said “The power of three!” We each walked out of the attic and into our separate rooms to get some well deserved sleep.

CH3: Telekinesis through hands

The next morning we all woke up kinda late because it was like 3:00 before we went to bed so…I was the first one up (of course) and I went down stairs to get breakfast ready for the 3 of us.

different than the show but still good...

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Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm writing a story and i'm putting it on my site!!!!!! please comment on it if you wish...i'm gonna have the first 2 chapters up by the end of the day if everything goes the way i want it to! oh and ami...READ MY PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, October 29, 2007

I just got off fanfiction and was it funny... the digi-destined were at a slumber party that kari threw and well... figure it out yourselves...Ami should get this pretty fast cinsidering how...well... lets just say that she'll get this fast...hehehe^^... let's make this into a contest whoever figures out who did what to who first without reading it on fanfiction will get a prize^^ i'll tell you what the prize is soon^^
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