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Saturday, December 13, 2008

   Life at its Worst
as the week wore on, her heart sunk deeper into a woeful sullen puddle of ice water, seeming that forever would be her unrelenting torments penance, she feigns her existance in a world of cold hearted psuedo-saviors waiting to see if that galient knight may yet be real, living through what seems to be the nighmare of her dream she holds on till morning once again. These are my struggles, my pain, my agony; a lover lost, a lover's touch once longed for gone, a friend to all blessed by his presence dead, Another great soul suffering in cancerous tides ended his journey to the heavens, a sister so selfishly abandoned her kin for she wanted not to leave her lover, sister of that sister awe struck with disbelief of such a horrid deed for now she has no one to be her confidant, friend or foe, a mother's best friend blessed with life but at what seems to be a most unlikely timing, As a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter and a friend I dream of a time when someone would be there for me as i am there for all of them, but as of this moment..I am alone..save my mother.
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