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Monday, October 29, 2007

   I'll EAT your FAMBLY!

10:13pm 28/10/2007
mood: bored
music: Queen- Somebody to love

Today was pretty.. well, awsome. I woke up late but just in time for breakfast xD. Mommy made us halloween cinnamon buns w/ orange colored frosting and some sort of cheesy sausage glop. It was pretty good xD
Ive been distracted by Chris Brown's IMs on yahoo, so i watched a chris angel video it was insane. then my sis wanted to show me stuff after i showed her the video.
Okay back to this morning. We were all looking for pix of jackolanterns to give us some ideas of what to carve into our pumpkins. I had decided I wanted to do a pic of Kaz on one side and Jack Skellington on the other but I couldn't find a good pic of that one face Jack makes when he is scaring the little kids. So I did a pic of grilled cheese xD I also wrote "GriLLED CHeese" just like that above the pic so ppl knew what it was xD I took too long looking for pics so Imma do the other side tomarrow. I decided to create a pic mixing two of his, the drawing he made of himself as a zombie on my b-day card and that one of him under the Unauthorised parking sign wearing the top hat.
Then Gage and I went out side to start on the gianormaous spider. we used ten 48 gallon black trashbags, twist ties, paint and a significant amount of the leaves we raked yesterday. It took a while. We had started a little bit after mommy and Ian went to the store. We didn't finish untill it was about to get dark. Some of the neighbors saw us working on it and complimented our craftsmanship xD We wrote "I'll EAT your FAMBLY" in a speech bubble on its head. The neighbors and especialy mommy loved itand said it was funny.
Gagie and I went inside for a few minutes gathering the materials for the scare crow and checking all my mssngrs and my ms. Nobody mssgd me today, at all except for my sister Kayla in the other room. I had to mssg Chris first. Mommy was having a hard time with the sewwing machine. She curses the most when she is messing with that thing, even more than dealing with the stupid stuff my Step dad does.
Well, anyways we got to stuff the pants and start on the painting of the sweatshirt, while Ian hooked up a light over the spider, but it got too dark to finish outside. So I took the shirt inside and finished painting it on the dining room table. It looks pretty freakin awsome in my opinion. It has spider webs in the upper left and bottom right corners w/ black widow spiders, mini versions of the trashbag one xD It has what looks like bloody hand prints on the sleeves and one is torn with blood out liking the rip. It says "TOUCH ME" in bright green "i DARE you!" dare and the underline + the exclaimation point is in the blood color with spatter around it and on the arms too. It also says "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" real small in dark blue letters in the top right corner.
After I finished that I went down stairs to watch Kayla play guitar hero. She is pretty good even when she only started today! She kept getting scores in the 90's even on the hard songs.
We all got called to eat dinner which was this really hot chilly that Kayla and Gage wouldn't eat. Since I did owe Gage two sandwiches for a dare I asked him to do, I made them grilled cheeses xD (ha jackolantern) I dared him to go in the backyard right up to the fence between our yard and the neighbor's and yell at the boy playing basketball "I'll eat your fambly!" and i would make him a sandwich. He chickened out since the kid's dad had come out too. So i offered another sand which and he did it. I heard him all the way in the front yard XD. Since I made them dinner they had to do the dishes and I served the ice cream so they had to do those dishes too xD I had told my mom that it doesn't make sense to do the dishes twice when u could just wait till after ice cream to do them but she said "Im the mom u do it the way i tell u, i rlly don't have a reason thats just how i want it done, so do it." so they did.
The ice cream was good. Although, It was funny how Gage wasn't satisfied with vanilla ice cream so he added chocolate syrup ,not reading the label first, and he hated it cuz sugar free tasted grose. Then he complained the whole time and even added cookies to try and balance out the taste but it was no use. Tho funny i was kinda sorry for him cuz mine was good.
When I came back to my room no one was on so i started looking around and then writting in here, which is when I got distracted by Chris logging on and all that. Then Amy was sending me mssgs on ms then Dorie added me as a friend and some guy named Sean did a few minutes later. So i was talkng to him and Amy. Now they have both stopped mssging me and im extremely bored. Ha so bored that I just noticed my biceps and how sore they are from raking yesterday, and my hands too. Well then I think Im done here, tata for now.
Lovez and olivez

P.S. I just wanted you to know that I don't choose my music by what I feel, I just randomly open my winamp and whatever plays first is what I write down. Sometimes it just matches well xD

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