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Monday, October 29, 2007

A day of many feelings
06:25pm 27/10/2007
mood: amused
music: I beleive by Blessed Union of Souls

Today I woke up to the sound of pplz comming inthe house from kayla driving them to the store. I stayed in the bed wanting to go back to sleep but I just kept hearing them talking about stuff they got at the store and my mom telling Gage, my lil bro, to go tell me this and that. So I answered him before he said anything. then finally I just got up and had breakfast with the family. We had omlettes and cinnamon buns.
Then I decided to go on the computer and check all my sites. I had a chat with Cory on aim, while i checked my ms mssgs. Then I was told to get dressed so we could go clean up the yard. So I go to get changed and my Dad IM's me on yahoo. I decided that would be the perfect time to coax him into keep looking for a ride to come see us. It made me feel like he really wanted to be there for me and I felt that we really don't have a close enough relationship considering he is my real father. My mom says we are alot alike but I wouldn't know. I hardly know him at all. I've always kept ppl at a distance but I kept him far away for way longer and maybe now would be a good time to let him in. I had a very emotional conversation with my mom about it while he was still there waiting on the other end of yahoomssngr. So I decided to tell my dad "I just wanted to let u kno I really love you with all my heart but i feel we are not close enough and would like to spend more time with you, whethe it be here on the computer or in person, I just wanna get to know you alot better than I do now...Altho I have to do the yard soon xD". He agreed and we are going to try harder to be more intuned in eachother's lives.
We all went outside to clean the yard after that. The whole shabang. Cleaning off the porch, raking all the leaves, and cleaning the gutters and the roof of the shed. The reason we did this was to be able to put up all the halloween decorations. It was fun cuz we all helped and it looks nice. We set up a pathway with black lights and a light up sign that says boo. Then we did foam tumb stones and a zombie hand comming out of the dirt. Tomarrow Gage and I will be stuffing some old clothes with pine straw to make a scare crow to set a pumpkin head next to. Also a giant spider with a web made from garbage bags and leaves we raked today. I can't wait!
Kayla and I had to make dinner. We made pork and rice. it was pretty good rice, kayla made btw. Since we did such a good job on the lawn we got to have shakes xD. We had to wait for Ian and moma to finish what they were doing so I went back to the computer to talk to kaz but he had to go and would be back on laterz.
I had added a friend from my Otaku page to my msn earlier this week and he was on so I talked to him awhile. We talked about anime pretty much the whole time, up untill I had to leave for shakes xD It was awsome. Then I went back and Cory started aiming me again while I was talking to Max. I was working on my Halloween costume through all this also btw. Max had said he was going to get off but some girl from his school was mssging him and then another one I said "well aren't u popular" he was like "they normally don't mssg to me unless Im dating one of their friends or them So i said "Tell them to go away cuz I got here first! Jk Jk xD" he was like i am actually and we talked for a few more minutes about that and then he logged off.
I was still talkin to Cory when Matt logged on so I was talkin to him and cory tryin to help sort things out and it helped a bit for them. Then Kaz signed back on so i decided to tell him all about our decorations, my costume and kayla and my permits. Gage kept pushing keys on my keyboard while I was trying to type and recording messages that Kaz had to listen to but it was pretty funny so I didn't get too agrivated. After that he went down stairs to watch a movie with my mom and Ian on the big screen projector. Then I remembered that horrible thing that happened today. I had decided to throw a stake at kayla and my fave Halloween bracelet, that I got last year for my birthday, flew off my arm , into the street, and busted on the concrete. Some of the hand painted glass beads shattered and I didn't find them all either :( My mommy said she would buy me a new one but it would be different cuz they r hand made. So I was pretty upset. I guess thats what I get for having small wrists and a good throwing arm xD.
Then I showed Kaz me blog page on ms. Cory and Matt both logged off aim after Matt came back from his shower. It was fun rereading all my posts. Looking back on stuff that happened. Kaz had to leave before I could finish the second one, so I just stopped reading them and decided to post a new one on my LJ. My mom pops in saying "do u ever sleep?..Like ..ever?" It was quite amusing. So now that I tought about it I do feel tired so Imma go to sleep.
Love yaz,

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