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Monday, October 29, 2007

What's goin on at the moment
10:24pm 26/10/2007
mood: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
music: There will be revenge by No use for a name

I have several items under construction; including name symbols, my halloween costume, a scarf, a pair of pants, a shirt and a hat. Im not sure how that will turn out. Hopefully I won't be embarassed by my failure xD.
I found my friend Matt A. on myspace the other day. I really missed him. He is gay but he used to be bi and i liked him. I set him up with Cory. That started out well but he messed it up. It was a while back and as soon as i started talking to him he asked about Cory. He wants another chance that Im not sure he will be intitled to.
Today was the end of the first quarter. I got all my grades back from midterms and interims. Biology Honors- 96.671% in the class, my midterm is in the preveous post. Spanish 1- 93.3% in the class, 92.2% on the midterm. Speech 1- 95.6% in the class, 105% on the midterm. Civics and Economics Honors- 97.3% in the class, ranked #3, and a 95% on the midterm. I'm praying I can keep it up xD.
I was suposed to have my Dad come visit, so he could watch us next weekend while my Mom spends the weekend with her boyfriend for his birthday, but he doesn't have a car and couldn't get a ride. My mom had suggested taking us down to Belmont to him but it would be too inconvenient. So since we are old enough, she is gonna just leave us here alone with each other the whole weekend: me, Kayla and Jeremy. Which I am not excited about. I have no friends to hang out with here, except here on the internet, and I would have to make all my own food. Plus I really wanted to see my dad and little sisters, Gabryelle(8) and Alyssa(10). I still haven't been able to give them their presents from last Christmas! I've decided Im going to nag my dad all week to find a ride so he can't just wimp out on me. I am not going to let this one slide.
I had the shortest conversation ever the other day with Jeff, 31 seconds! Here it is: Jeff- Hey _Me- Hi_ Jeff- Whats up_ Me- not much just listening to music_Jeff- well, hey my sis has to call one of her friends_ Me-Ok_Jeff- call me in about a half hour_Me- Ok byez _Jeff- Cyas. I fell asleep and didn't call back untill an hour later and he wasn't home.
My sister got her permit yesterday. It expires in a month on her b-day xD, mine expires in 2 years on my b-day. She is gonna be 18, so she can get her license. You might say well that's silly, why not just wait? Well if you were her and you had to wait almost a year to get your birth certificate just to get your permit, you would take any chance to be able to drive at all. So that's what she did.
Im really glad I met all the wonderful people you keep learning about in all my posts. They make my life so much easier to bare. A few months ago I was completely out of it. I was having major mood swings and was mostly an all around neurotic bitch. My family was seriously worried I had Bipolar or something. The doctor said I most deffinately showed signs but it was mostlikely stress induced, plus my Hypoglucimia (low blood sugar) was causing some problems with mood swings aswell. After I moved out of my step dad's house and was back with my mom 24/7, they put me on Atkins to level out my sugar intake and I was fine. I am now alot calmer, definately not bitchy (unchoosingly), I smile a hell of alot more; in fact it has affected my muscles and its like I have a huge hole in my lip, I try to drink something and it ends up all over me. Also I have lost weight so I feel more confident, enabling me to make lots of new friends more easily.
There are many people I would like to thank and show my appriciation for but I don't think I have room for them all nor could I remember all their names in one sitting xD , srry its true.
Well, thats all I have to share for now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll definately let you know about mine.

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