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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

   Highlight~Driver's Permit
Yesterday and today I had midterms. I was stressed out because I left my books at Big Violet and I was here so i could not study for the midterms I took today. Luckily I knew more than I thought and had first and 3rd to study. I think i did ok. I know i did really good on my Biology midterm because I got the grade back today. I got a 104% but she could only count it as 100%. It is funny how Amanda Sloan hates it when I get such good marks.
I had let Kasheem barrow my skate board and this morning I loaned him my new head phones. I had to use my old one for the day. I told Jay I hated them and she was like "yesterday you loved them". I told her the story and she was like "your just giving him everything aren't you?". I says "Yea well im not the one having to wear a polo to school because I'm modeling for Ambercrombie and Finche." I couldn't really talk I was wearin pink. I really hate that head phone. It sucked cuz they skip a lot. After school it was raining and I had to hurry to get into the car so I could go to the DMV and my Ipodcame off my pocket and the head phone was hangin in the door, Ipod located: dragging on the ground next to the car as we drove off. Luckily I noticed before we left the school and it was only slightly scuffed and wet from the rain. It really was a miracle since I'm in high school and anyone would have stolen an Ipod, if they found it on the ground, and its a shuffle so its small and could have been crunched under several cars. My mom found it in the road and it still works! So off we go to the DMV. Kayla, my sister, had already been there but had to leave before she got her permit (almost 18 btw) and has to get a retest after 24 hours has passed. I took the test and got 20 out of 21 so I got an 80%. It has 25 questions but once u get 20 out of them you pass and it shuts off. So I got mine before her xD she was upset. Oh, well. I got a perdy picture too.
Then I got to go to Ian's, of course, and talk to Kaz. He was havin some trouble sorting out girl trouble a few days ago so I had helped him with that. Today he told me the plans. He is gonna break up with the girl he is dating tomarrow and the girl he liked doesn't like him. He said he doesn't like to be tied down anyways. Well, he LIKES being tied down but not in that way. In fact he likes chains, ropes and hand cuffs xD. I also told him about Amy's and my plan for Halloween. We are gonna hang out with her friends in Apex, dressed up: her like a dead slave stripper and me as a dead prom date. We are gonna have lots of funn. Kaz got a new hat. "Its too big" he says and he got it cuz his dad was verbally abusing him and his mom felt bad. I <3 him so much! I can't help it. He is just so cute, funny, and sweet. Other things aswell I'll make a list in another post. I have to got to sleep soon. So basicaly that was my awsome day. I got all my usual hugs by the way and I can drive legally between 5 and 9 pm with my mom or dad! YAY!
Love Yaz,

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