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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

   My awsome Hugs for the day
Of course u don't know about my former "No Hug" policy. Well, that has been disbanded. Hugs are good for the soul! So i require as many as i can get eveyday. I do however make sure no one can tag me. I caught Jesse tring to and he got burned! I still got my hug though xD. IDK if i can let him get hugs anymore. Anyways...I saw Tim today. I met him in my CAD drafting class last semester. During the 3 weeks i went to this school at the end of the year xD. I got two weeks off between schools. It was awsome! Back to Tim, I found out that our buses both get there late so I can find him then xD. I also got my first hug from him! Hehe. I get alot of hugs these days, well compared to a few months ago. The people I normally get hugs from everyday are: Katie, Tyler, Kasheem, Mandy, Barbra, Amanda, Adam, and my mom xD. Then every once in a while I get random hugs from other people. Everyday I also poke Alex over and over between lunch and third block. Idk why, its just entertaining. He doesn't even flinch. Its like poking a dead thing, except he lives! He just sits there and smiles while I poke him in vareous places. He often also asks why i poke him and i tell him "Its just entertaining" and he askes why and im like IDK. These conversations are also amusing. You know what else is amusing? When your sister has a friend over at your house and they have the same name. Its like you say something and they both go WHAT! Its quite funny. Not as funny as Kasheem calling me out today. When he was over at my house, with my sister and her friend, listening to music. Im just standing there eating ice cream and looking into my sister's room, where they were all together, and he starts singing the song to me and im just watching & smiling. It was kute, him singing to me, he is a singer in a band. Then he has to go and say out loud what he is doing and my reaction to it, which i already said. He goes "Im singing to Stevie, she's just standing there smiling and eating her ice cream." Of course I was embarrassed. Then he says "You should come to some of my shows, then I can sing to you some more." I said I would if I could. I was so embarrassed! I can't believe I was just sitting there smiling like an idiot! Oh, well. So later I made some Macoroni and cheese. I had a bowl and gave the rest jokingly in one bowl to him and he says "I like when people feed me xD" and I say "and I like feeding people xD". Then my sister goes"well then you should come over more". He ended up eating the whole thing! It was a fun day cuz we were all playin around like we were gonna rape eachother. My sister's friend was actually scared at one point. LOL. When her mom came to pick her up my mom had just gotten there and met her. As she left my mom pulled her to the side and said "don't tell your mom I was only here for 5 minutes" Laughing. When Kasheem was leaving, he gave me a hug and I thought he would never let go. LOL. He also said something but I couldn't here because of the music. I'll have to ask him tomarrow. So that was my awsome Hugs for the day xD.
Love ya,

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

   Duh, Duh, Duh, DaDa!
Oh, Wait, its 6:30....PM. Whoops. haha. Ok, anyways... I dyed my hair Red! it looks pretty xD. Hey, Im all alone. My sister went to her bf's house and my mom and her bf went outta town. :( Oh well. Guess What!.....Idk. I rlly don't have much to say..Maybe ill just change up my page like i did my myspace earlier...up till 6AM, hehe. xP i could tell u about my older bro buying a $50 game at Best Buy. we went to that place and he found the Oblivion game in a 3 pack thingy with all that extra stuffs. I thought he was crazy for buyin a $50 game until he told me all the stuff it came with. I wanted to get some new ear budds b/c all 3 pairs of mine r messed up. One of mine were good but too big, then they decided only the left ear was gonna work, then they were just dead. The second pair decided that they were not going to allow the spinny thing to click so i had to rubberband them, then only the left ear phone worked, then the cap came off and i lost it :( so i can't wear those. Now i wear the one that fits good,and has good sound but previous owners had cut off one ear phone..can u guess which one im stuck with?...The LEFT! Urhg. I couldn't get any new ones b/c i don't have any money. I have to wait but at least the one i got works rlly good xD Ok outta stuff to talk about.. Peace out friends! ^.^>

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

   Events that happened ... Continued..
I was talkin to jeff yesterday and he was sending me voice clips on msn. It was rlly kewl. He sounded funny cuz he was drunk. Then he got bored of his own voice and told me to find a mic so i looked around and noticed kisa's puter had a built in mic. I tryed to use her puter but mommy's msn was rlly outdated so it didn't work. Plus the volume was all the way down so it didn't work till after we figured that out. Then we learned how to do it on aim but jeff doesn't have aim. So i aimed Kaz b/c jeff left to watch cartoons. Then i went down stairs to see if i could figure out how to use it on yahoo. Mommy and Ian were on it but she came upstairs and showed me how to use it on yahoo. When i went back into my room, about 30 minutes after jeff went to watch cartoons, I saw that Ian had found a mic and hooked up to my puter. I was soooo excited! I was like "wow, Ian ur so nice, thanx!" then i got to try it out on Kaz on msn. He said i sounded "sexxy". Hahaa, i was like all excited so my voice was a bit higher than normal and i didn't think it sounded like me. Gage was like pushing the button annoying the crap out of me, saying "I'm awsome and that it rlly didn't sound like her" and when Kaz said no ur not, Gage was like "well, U suck, suck, suck, suck!" I was laughing in the background. It was funny xD
Also yesterday I went to the mall to spend my gift card to Hottopic. It was kinda lame in there that time so i decided to get a new chain and save the rest of the money. Then we(bro, sis, & her bf) went to the outside portion of South Point and saw this rlly freakin awsome Juggler near the end of the day out side the Barns and Noble book store. He was juggling bean bags at first. Then he went up to like 9 of them. He juggled scary knives and lit torches. He also balanced a soccer ball on this long pole while he juggled the torches. At the finale he juggled a bean bag, a lit torch, a big scary knife, and the soccer ball on this board that had one wheel that moved side to side when he shifted his weight . Then he jumped off the board and kept juggling! It was pretty sweet.
Today I woke up early for church. It was a good service, lots of guys to look at xD. The paster also reminded me of my great grandpa, Poppi, he was filapino and had grey hair. You'll never guess what i wore to church. I wore my cacky overalls and my black T-shirt that says in big fuzzy orange letters "This is my costume". Haha, it was funny cuz everyone else was all dressed up. Then we went home and i changed for the Walk for Hunger at the Exploris museum. Then i looked all goth with my red and black, my tripp pants and my new chain, which btw is silver skulls(w/ red eyes) hooked together and my black eyeliner. It was kewl. We were on the news. My mom was interviewed by NBC 17. She said "Fuzzy Hancho" on the interveiw. Its a long story. Maybe later I'll share. Me and my sister were like a half mile behind them so we were not interveiwed but we did jaywalk across while everyone waited or went in the L shape. Man my sis was like "Im dieing!". Ha she was tired, it was a 3 mile walk. She said it was worth it later when we got free food xD. Its been a pretty good weekend now all i need is for jeff to get on msn and for me to do my homework! ha like to see that happen b4 11pm. Creo que no.

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   events that happened...
Ok. Here we go. Ummm this is my first post ever.
Lets start with the tuesday b4 last. It was my 16th birthday! That was fun. I got lots of stuff over the interweb and a rlly neat ipod stereo thingy.
OK. so last tuesday was my wify's birthsday. She rox! ok so she has bright red hair and is super cute.
Ummm.. I got a gift card from my grandma, whom btw is not old(52), to Hottopic so i've been tryin to get to the mall for the past two weeks. It kinda sucked cuz I didn't have a mall buddy! I asked like 20 pplz but they were all busy. So i ended up just taking my little brother to south point mall in durham, yesterday. My older sister met up with her boyfriend. It was the strangest date i have ever seen. They just sat outside the barnes & noble hitting each other like flick hurricanes, slaping and punching. They were even kicking at one point. My brother and i were inside the store for most of the day. we went up and down the excelators and the elevator. then we watched tyhis wicked awsome juggler. ill elaborate some more on the subject when i return from the walk for hunger that i am participating in. i will also tell u about what i did today.

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