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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

hey i got two new fanarts up and kougaijilover your pic is done and aptnormal what piccy do you want me to draw for you?
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Monday, September 6, 2004

okay, okay...
here's the results. well, there are no results -__-" you both win. both of you. yup. the two that entered. i forget... well, a drawing for me is your prize. whaddaya want?
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   hello!! we meet once again... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well hello! ^o^ i'm back. it was.... hectic. i won't say anymore. >.< well, i went to a Penn state game (collage football) with my dad. hiei...woowee. he was afraid of my aunts two dogs k.c and a.j. jeez... the results of the contest will come in about 10 mind. i'll see ya in a little.
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Friday, September 3, 2004

hey, i'm going camping today. i'm bringing hiei. it's a bad idea, but i don't trust leaving him home. with my cat. the incident happened.hiei >.< they don't deserve to know! stop! ugh, i slept over at my freinds house with her other friend, AND I COULDA SWORE, i was gonna die. i stayed up till 5:00 am. in the morning, ugh, the horrer, they're even worse than hiei. Briana, my friend, was havin a hissy fit cause i killed a beetle with her shoe, and Karen, her friend, is bawlin cause she got a pimple!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!! i wanted to seriously hurt them. DO THE CAPTION CONTEST!!! I WILL POST THE RESULTS ON MONDAY WHEN I GET BACK!!! here's how the contest works. you copy the link given, post it in the website searcher thing, see the big picture, (you'll have to scroll down.) then come back to my site, pm or comment your funny caption. the prize is a drawing from me. i have two contests going now, so get going! get! oh ya, i will not be posting as much starting wedensday because school starts. well, ja ne!
Xx~sempai cat~xX

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

   my art sucks
my art sucks. really bad. really.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

otaku was down yesterday... for me. take my test on quizilla. it's "would hiei like you?" heres another contest (caption)hoohoohoo this will be good.
http://www.we-love-anime.com/gallery/index.php?g=Inu Yasha&p=66&frpg=4&f=#picpic

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Monday, August 30, 2004

go to ludacris.net if you are fettish about mludacris like i am. take my test
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Sunday, August 29, 2004

   i looooove hiei
(Hiei's surprised you actually got this result!)
Congrats! You'd make an excellent friend for
Hiei! You know when to stay out of his way and when
to not! Go you!

Could you be called Hiei's friend? (With pictures!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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   caption contest
i'll give you till next this wekkend to figure this out!this is one HOTT picture so caption if you dare, remember, yaoi is good for you. it's like penacillin. i changes my mined, yaoi is GOOD. but the caption doesn't have to be yaoi if your a normal person and not insane like me. okay, heres the link:::
http://www.we-love-anime.com/gallery/index.php?g=Inu Yasha&p=65&frpg=4&f=#pic

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   the results of the contest are in but i don't have the prizes yet, sorry.
oh yes, hi! i've been too lazy these past two days, well, yesterday, it was thundring and lightning outside. but any way the results are in.

sempai cat



congratulations everybody! your prize is either a drawing from me, or something else you want from me, next contest will have better prizes, k? everybody cept me wins. because the top three were the only three considering i wasn't in it. -__-" well, tell me what you want, k? in either a pm or a comment, or an e-mail or im

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