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Saturday, September 18, 2004

i went to a dance yester day and my friend briana likes my best friend zack, and the song, "bump bump bump" by b2k came on, so i dared her to go over to zack and say, let's see that sexy body go bump bump bump! but she didn't.. you have to admit that was good.
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the art thief is on the loose. my dear friend, marik2112 had her art stolen from her. if you want her e-mail, it's yugiohyamimarik@yahoo.com cause we want her gone! anyway, new art up
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Friday, September 17, 2004

   talk later
an art thief and Her Aliases: Paine, Nastasia, Lhia, Daphne Paine Sy,
Daphne AJ Sy James, Da Qiao, PaineofSpira,
PaineofBevelle, Schala Elaine, Sairys SkyeWind,
SeymourMother, Lhiannan-Sidhe or Paine Lhiannan-Sidhe
La'Luna, Chihiro 'Jean Tay' Fusami, Morgan Le Fae,
DismalUnicorn, ShadowIsis, Shadow Ishizu Ishtar,
Phoenixqueen, AJay Lin Shorn, AJay Ishtar, or any
other variation of Amanda "AJ" James' name or

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i hate school! i love people! i made up with Zack! yay! but he went to spain, France, JAPAN!!! where else.. Jamaica! he's so special cause his dad's a freakin' architecht..well, bye!
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Monday, September 13, 2004

   school.. again.. =(
i hate school. people suck. well, i made a freind that actually knows what anime is! my best friend still doesn't like me for some reason. he knows, me. he just doesn't want to know me. i don't know why, last time he did that, he got his girlfrend... but not like this. things will get fixed, trust me.
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Sunday, September 12, 2004

hello everybody! sorry i didn't post yesterday but i was too busy celebrating Ludacris's birthday!! whoo!!he's 24 or 25. i got a makeover just for the occasion!! well theres a place called Libby Lu. it's a pretty cool place where girls can have fun ! (sorry guys!) and my hair looks great!! and thanks for everybody who complimented and helped me with my site! oh and to the people who helped me emotionally, too! thank you! oh ya, can anybody make me a Luadacris avi? thanks to anyone who can do that. o.O
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Friday, September 10, 2004

   the weekend: yay, or not yay. -__-"
yes, it's friday. the weekend. guess what happened. my best freind zack from last year, (who is also quite adorable ^^) and i just saw him today, it was bad. he gave me a pack of hello kitty earasers, and a yu yu hakusho manga. i said, hi!! member those hello kitty earasers you gave me last year? he replies, "no." then i ask, do you remember the yu yu hakusho book you gave me? he replied, "yes." then, what really got me mad is i asked, do you even know who i am?! and he said no!!! What a rude peice of crap! i want to talk to him again, but i just can't, it's too sad.. my dad is taking me and my family to dinner tonight, i really don't want to... well, ja ne!
Xx~sempai cat~xX

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

   bored, i need a vacation. -__-"
it's my second day of school, i need a vacation. -__-" people i'd like to thank:::don't fret if your not on, just get over it.. -__-"
1. marik2112-your a really good freind, and that's all i have to say bout' cha'.
2.aptnormal-well, you are also a really good friend and i love talking to you ^__^
3.midnight snow-well, your a good friend and thanks for keeping in touch. ^^
4.kougaijilover-same as midnight snow.
5.yami loni- your just really cool and funny and have a funny spirit.
milkycat-your also really cool and cheer me up when i am sad. thanks.
and 5.zedstef- you are truly a great person. thank you for helping me with my site from the begining, to where it is now.
and a tribute to ma jr we really miss you.
well, ja ne for now.
Xx~sempai cat~xX

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

i started school today. the computer messed up my homeroom, and my new homeromm sucks!! it's swealtering hot, and no lockers! so i have to carry my heavy stuff everywhere! jeez.. i couldn't talk to my best friend cause he was with my worst enemy! i got some new fanart up, though! 4 to be exact. ja ne!
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