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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   Pic of the Day for Wednesday....Hey that rhymes ^^;;
Well, as of yesterday, I now had over 100 people see my site in just 5 days ^^;; To be honest I don't know if thats good or what(now i feel like a really bad n00b >_<) but so far I've really loved it here ^^ oh and to answer your question on the friend's list, All names put on their, unless the person just absolutely pisses me off, will stay there till I have to leave the site for whatever reason. Actually, probably about once or twice a week (if i got the time) I will go down my list and visit every site to leave a comment!!! The only reason I don't do it everyday is because I might need an entire weekend to finish that everlasting, ungodly list!! Ok well found today's pic relatively easy compare to all the others, so I do hope you like this one ^_^

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Kk well please comment and try not to let crazy wizards and scarecrows take you into a magical castle, its a pain in the ass to get out!!! (Howl is awesome =^_^=)


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